Break periods?

  1. Break periods?

    My question is is there a break period in workouts?
    Like I workout Monday-Friday on different parts on my body and rest on the weekends and grub out on saturdays, but I heard after a month of working out I should take a one week break period to let my muscles settle in. Advice please?

  2. Do whatever feels right for you man!

    It you are feeling like you are performing worse in the gym, your progress has slowed or even your joints start to hurt these could be signs you need a break. I take a rest week like once every 4-6 months lol.

    Deloads are really beneficially as well. So basically with deloading you're at the gym but not going balls to the wall. Hitting dramatically lighter weights and focusing on form, proper contraction and stretch and so on. Gives your body a break but you are still doing what makes you happy


  3. Some old school routines ran for 6-8-10-12-16 week periods. The human body is pretty adaptable, especially when you are only starting out. While weeks off can help regroup one, I usually took a week only after a cycle. Building up intensity over the weeks/,months, then backing off to start another run. More advanced guys needing higher recovery, do deloads, where they may back off to say 50%-60% of intensity/volume every 3rd-4th week.

  4. Alright sounds pretty good I was thinking of taking a break after the fourth week and one week off. So that way it's all in one month.

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