Shoulder shocker

  1. Shoulder shocker

    I found a routine made by Joe DeFranco called the shoulder shocker. Part of the article on this routine talked about how the overhead press should be lost for shoulder health and especially if you have any type of a shoulder injury. There are 3 lifts in this routine and in the last one a half overhead press is used. I'm confused bc the article went on about how overhead pressing should be avoided. Is the half press ok to do bc its easier on the joint? Has anyone else looked at or used this routine?

  2. Not real familiar with all of DeFranco's stuff, but I wold bet it is more dealing with impingement on the rotators and all the muscles in the cuff. Ha, I think Ferrigno was big on half rep pressing!? (did not look like it hurt him!?)
    Honestly, I never had much if any problems with OH pressing, it was always more BP's or the angle the shoulder hit at the bottom of a BP.
    I know some guys feel that hyper extension of the shoulder joint wrings out the little muscles over the top shoulder bone (acromion!?) I did not look it up.
    A good book to get, which I think may have been reprinted is, The Seven Minute Rotator Cuff Solution By Horrigan. It is an in depth look on all the little muscles that hold and support the shoulder and is a good read on what exercises to do to rehab and keep the joint healthy.
    Probably started the L-flye or Shoulder Horn movement for many lifters.
    Personally, I am a big believer in full ROM moves, so as to not develop shortened moves, that later need aggressive stretching to get back some good mobility and keep from further injury.

  3. Yeah I've been dealing with chronic inflammation in my shoulder for 6 years and its really hindering my ability to put on muscle. So anything that can help me put size back on would be nice. And thanks I'll look into that book

  4. Well, I gooned my lft one up a few years ago on a heavy BP. It just would not seem to rehab, so I did some research and found that book.
    Actually if you google the Lying L-Flye and do it religiously you should see a difference.
    Most trainees suffer from weaker external rotators. Sweeping the bent arm away from the torso. The tiny little cuff muscles can be strained more on impinging exercises such as dips, BP's, upright rows.
    ** Anyway, use very light weight, as in #1 pound maybe #2 and work up to #5 if need be. This is not an ego exercise, so even though you may be able to do more, these tiny muscle exhaust easy and are easily trained. It is best to do the exercise at the end of the W/O, since you do not want to overwork the cuff beforehand. Do not work thru shoulder pain ROM. Only up to it. If you can only do the weight of your arm at first, fine. Start there. You may be surprised after 6 weeks, how your shoulders will feel.
    All the best in training...!

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