X-Rep Woorkout Books?

  1. Post X-Rep Woorkout Books?

    Hi AMs!

    My progress has stalled a bit - so started digging for plateau basting. Came across this X-Rep things - sounds interesting for the intensity and plateau basting. But need to find more information.

    Any suggestions? Also if anyone has the Ebooks then would be helpful if you can share it please.

    I'm thinking about some of these ones -

    1. Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout
    2. 4X Mass Workout
    3. The X-centric Mass Workout
    4. The X-traordinary X-Rep Workout
    5. The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout
    6. The Ultimate 10x10 Mass Workout


  2. Just about anything that contains the words "Xtreme" "X-..." "Ultimate" I would avoid.

    Check out 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler

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