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Well both my muscles flex the same. Im almost positive the problem is my form. I think when I'm doing barbell excersises my stronger side is doing all the work and with dumbbells I'm using the wrong muscles on my weaker side. I still have trouble targeting and hitting my weak side. Any advice on how to fix this?
I've always had this problem I broke my left arm real bad about five years ago and it just became useless after that due to being casted for so long and somewhat limited mobility due to the plates and screws so when I started lifting it was bad so I found my Max weight that I could with my left arm only on whatever movement dumbbell curl tri extensions etc and I only did the same amount of weight for the same amount of reps with my right strong arm and added at most one extra set to my weak arm luv mostly just and extra forced Rep or two, and when I do dumbbell curls I always do the ISO ones on the inside of the thigh or on the incline bench to eliminate the delt from doing the work try that man hope it helps o and I like slowly curl up until I feel the left bicep working Good luck