HELP PLEASE! Dumbell Routine/Getting back in Shape/Pro Golfer

  1. HELP PLEASE! Dumbell Routine/Getting back in Shape/Pro Golfer

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, so forgive me if I screw anything up. I am sure I will learn quick enough. I need HELP. I used to be a serious golfer and had my chance to go pro after college. I passed the chance up because I literally was so burned out that I couldn't stand to be on the first tee. I took much time off and here I am. 5"6' 213lbs. I'm not fat, definitely not skinny, just extremely stocky and broad. When I was in the best shape of my life, about 7 years ago, I was 185 lbs. I am 33 years old now and I have the itch to get back into the game of golf and think about it seriously. I'm ready to make this move, but my conditioning is my number one priority right now.

    I plan on only using dumbells for my workouts, so I can focus on my core and get a more defined workout. I want to incorporate all my stabalizing muscles for balance reasons. I want to get strong, yet not put on a ton of dense muscle. Basically lean out and be strong as hell. I need to keep flexibility in mind, as this is extremely important for golf. In the past, I have used pro-hormones/pro-steroids, but I know I am not ready for any of that yet. I think in about 6 months, after working out and perfecting my form and diet again, I will consider a pro-hormone route. I need to be ready in one year, so that's why I am considering a light cycle of something like H-Drol and P-Stanz, but we will get to that point later.

    I need help on my diet, home workout routine (I think I can do all my workouts at home, due to dumbell only training), flexibility exercises, and then cycle advise. Once again, I am 33 going on 34, I need to be in shape in a one year time frame. I need to go from 213 down to the 185-190 range, keeping flexibility, strength, and overall general health in mind. Any advise on how to get there will be appreciated. To answer any questions up front, I haven't touched a weight in about a year. SO, the first month is going to be fun! Welcome soreness!!!!

    Past ProHormone/Steroid use has been the following:
    One 4 week cycle of the Real Superdrol, no clone. 30mgs/4wks Way too many sides for me to consider again. My piss actually started turning a brownish color. I'm sure it was someting to do with my kidneys (blood), but I have had many blood tests since then and I am good to go.
    Halo-Diol 50mgs / 4wks. Liked this one, clean and not many sides.
    Test Enan 500mgs/Deca 300mgs / 10 weeks. Extremely good cycle. Diet was good, and so were the results!
    I've ran Epistane for one week, gave up because of anxiety/panic issues it created.
    Mega TRN / 2 weeks.... BS Prohormone, gave it up and finished with and H-Drol clone.

    So, thats about it. Any questions, please fire away so I can answer as good as I can. I would appreciate any advise one has to give me.




  2. Quote Originally Posted by wrathchild281
    First things first. You DONT need ph or aas. At all. They are ONLY if you want to put on lots of muscle and or cut lots of fat while saving lots of muscle. No offense, but they sound like a shortcut for you. This wont work. I would highly suggest simply sticking to a very clean, no nonsense diet. Nothing fancy. You know what clean is. Figure your bmr (calculators are online) and then add about how many calories you burn working out (weight training too) and then subtract 300 to start. After a few weeks. Subtract another 100. Then again in about a month. And then say there until you are either where you want or cant lose any more and then mix up the routine with higher intensity cardio. But seriousl. Stay away from aas and ph. They arent a shortcut. You dont need them

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