The Primordial Off-Season Adventure of SnagencyV2.0

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  1. The Primordial Off-Season Adventure of SnagencyV2.0

    Hello all.
    Thread currently under construction (like me) patient please, details coming soon..

    For some recent background, you can check out my thread here:
    Snagency Primordially shifts to V2.0, 16-week bodybuilding prep with Andro Series

    in the meantime, couple pics of me current.

    and, of course, food pic to kick things off..lil 250cal snack here this afternoon.
    (dem baby bellas sautéed in butter & red wine are just to die for)


    i aim to be as meticulous in my off-season fare as i (usually) am in my contest preps -- and we all know, that's some serious anality.
    right now, weighing in ~188ish (upon rising), still pretty lean from the show..running Primordial's Testosterone Recovery Stack (~22 days in) combined with clomid, and let me say: that group of products has been an eye opener. no problems have surfaced in my transition from running steroidal products to current, it has been a joy. in fact -- that is partially what inspired me to run this log, the fact that once i began training again i sense i am primed for some serious growth. i now feel healthy all over, shoulders and legs both feeling best they've felt in years, able to blast military press with no problems, able to hit all my leg movements with ease.
    i just feel good!

    and so, the goal: add some muscle, remain fairly lean (at no time do i wish to exceed 8% bf, and preferably want to stay in 6-7ish range). stay healthy. and fill out what i need to on my physique for a run at the Nationals next year (those who followed my last log know i qualified for ntls in my show, placing 2nd in my class).

    in the early parts here, following TRS/pct, we'll be rolling au naturale for ~6-8 that point, i'll be pulling in Trenazone and more than likely another steroidal product (Trenavar maybe?)..we'll see how it goes.
    for now, rolling along with ~3600cals on training days, and 2850-3k cals on off days..macros are roughly 40/40/20, tho i do vary the fats and carbs every couple days. i am still feeling things out calorically, but narrowing down the parameters..
    (i am still mesmerized by all these veins running thru my abs, and the garden hoses down near my pelvic region)

    more detail to follow as we go, including training regimen/food pics/etc. i do not intend to update this log often, since i'm here for the long haul and do not wish to turn this into a boring tome..
    but - feel free to ask questions, and definitely give feedback if desired.
    anything goes in here.

    thanks again for following.

  3. food time..
    postWO meal of 350cals, that comes ~45min after my postWO shake of 450cals.
    6oz 96% lean beef (usually eat sirloin in off-season but got great deal on this stuff and turkey breast, so i'm loaded w/ lean meat)
    on toasted Ezekiel (yes i eat Ezekiel all yr round, no other bread for me)
    with manly veggies

    quick, easy, and delicious.

  4. okay, training layout for now looks like this:

    day 1 - quads/calves
    day 2 - chest/abs
    day 3 - upper back/biceps
    day 4 - shoulders/triceps/abs
    day 5 - lower back/hams

    it's a rolling schedule, as i'm running a 2 on/1 off split, resting an occasional extra day here & there if i need it (or if tennis has me beat down)..and no matter what the "schedule" is on a particular week, i always rest between day #5 and day #1.
    rep ranges are mostly 6-10, altho i'll go as low as 4 and as high as 12 in some instances.
    rest periods are mostly 2min.

    as for why i am running hammy day and quad day consecutively..
    for now, i like to group my leg training together, so as not to impede my tennis game.
    this gives me a couple consecutive days where i can schedule tennis, then lay off tennis while i focus on strength/size training for da wheels.
    it works well for me. when tennis is finished, i simply switch days #1 and #2 around, for a more balanced approach.

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ___________________

    lil sample of dinner tonight (sry, no pic guys, but good enuff to talk about)

    6oz grilled turkey breast, salt & pepper
    1/2 cup seasoned black beans
    1 whole egg/2 whites
    romaine w/ red bell peppers/onion/croutons/dressing (~100cal salad)
    2 rice cakes (dessert y'know)

    total ~550cals

    i bring this up, to show how clean i'm keeping things..what i have found is, i'll need to bump cals with this diet as i've dropped to 187 (and keep getting more ripped, more veins) despite 3500cal intake, gonna move to ~3750 and monitor.
    my Pp run seems to have had lingering effects on my metabolism.

  5. i anticipate making the most gains this off-season in my back (lower esp) and hams, as well as getting my shoulders back to where they used to be before impingement issues from last year.

    and with that last part in mind, an example of a boulder-building session this day:
    7min light warm-up cardio
    military press 8x8
    single DB shoulder press (8reps) ss w/ lying rear delt flyes (12reps), 3 sets
    standing laterals 3x8
    seated overhead DB press, triceps (8 reps) ss w/ reverse-grip pressdowns (12reps), 3 sets
    DB kickbacks 3x10
    7min light cooldown cardio

    couple shots after the fact..
    (i could not for the life of me get the right angle/shot i wanted to of this, so took a few ahaa)

    as mentioned - i said those shoulders WILL be resurrected, there will be no failure on this.
    good times, feel swole.

  6. training this day, #5 in the schedule:
    7min light warm-up cardio
    lying leg curls (8reps) ss w/ weighted decline abs (12reps), 4 sets
    BB romanian DL (8 reps) ss w/ weighted DB sidebends (12 reps), 4 sets
    BB deadlifts 6x8/8/8/6/6/6
    7min light cooldown cardio

    felt like getting some more ab work in this day, it all meshed well together, good session.

  7. Your a beast man! I like the food pics, that burger looks tasty! I eat mine with Ezekiel bread as well, its good stuff! I'll be following your progress, Good luck!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SLW2 View Post
    Your a beast man! I like the food pics, that burger looks tasty! I eat mine with Ezekiel bread as well, its good stuff! I'll be following your progress, Good luck!
    welcome aboard! and thanks for the kind words my friend.

    so: was supposed to be an off-day today, but last night i had my 1x weekly couple hours "cheat window", moved up from what was supposed to be tonight..crammed about 5500cals total in (3500cal regular fare before 2k cal cheats), ate some fun back to the grind.
    after these cheat days (that are typically in the hours before i go to bed), i really enjoy waking and running fasted training (bcaa-driven of course).
    and so, exactly what i did this day.

    day #2 in the schedule (bypassed day #1 since it's been raining, no tennis on the horizon this w/e so can do quads next session)
    7min light warm-up cardio
    flat BB bench 6x8/8/8/8/7/6
    incline DB bench 4x6/6/6/5
    inclined perfect-pec pushups, 2x max reps
    (feet positioned off end of flat bench, pushup apparatus on floor - if you want to do these w/o PP unit simply use your hands on floor, or to make it more difficult and explosive try clapping your hands in the concentric position)
    7min light cooldown cardio

    followed with smaller postWO shake this day, ~45g carbs from dextrose/brown rice syrup and 15g isolate, then consumed breakfast~30min later.

    i quite enjoy changing things up frequently..adapting to unforseen changes keeps things fresh, and i am flexible in my structure..
    also - you will see this in my training, as i rarely run the same routine 2x in a row, preferring instead constant change and muscle confusion.

  9. as i said....
    back to the clean eats.
    nothing too special 'bout this meal, except that i love cooking on the grill -- and, the macros and cleanliness of this feast are just outta this world.

    8oz turkey breast
    1 whole egg
    romaine w/ red pepper/croutons/sweet vidalia onion dressing (~125cal salad)
    3 white cheddar rice cakes for dessert (LOVE these things)
    ~600cals total on a lower cal day of ~3250cals, 6 meals
    (off today from weight training, did get some tennis in tho)

  10. breakfast this day:
    (breakfast is also my preWO meal)
    5oz turkey breast
    2 slices toasted ezekiel cinnamon raisin w/ .5 tbs butter
    small banana
    protein shake (260cals, ~40g p/10g c/7g f)

    planned training for today (day #1):
    7min cardio warm-up
    3x8 leg extensions
    6x8 atg squats, wide stance
    4x8 DB lunges, stationary
    5x10-12 BB calf raises
    7min cardio cooldown

    postWO shake/meal is still up in the air today, but i know it will include some chocolate cake (sans icing) that my son & i made friday nite..
    after not planning on tennis this w/e, will end up playing both days, as i'm scheduled for a match this afternoon and also played yesterday for ~2hrs..
    with the addtl activity on hand, will boost cal intake to ~4000 today.

    weight upon rising this morning 189.5

  11. day off yesterday (had to rest, legs were screaming at me)..back at it today.
    flip-flopping days #3 & #4 this rotation, so shoulders/abs today:

    3x6 alternating 1-arm DB shoulder press, seated
    3x8 traditional DB shoulder press, seated
    3x6 seated lateral raises
    3x8 leaning 1-arm lateral raises, standing
    3x6 seated DB shrugs
    3x8 standing BB behind-back shrugs
    abs (majority today weighted frog sit-ups)

    was solid session.
    weight hovering in the 189's still, looks like i can continue to add some cals with this clean dietary intake so upping ~250 daily.
    totals are now ~4000cals on training days, ~3500 on rest days.
    goal is to get back up to the 200lb level within the next 3months, but remaining lean and chiseled thruout..

    also - bonus material here..
    thought i'd share a killer recipe i saw from Matt Porter today..yum, cannot wait to make.
    Quote Originally Posted by MattPorter View Post
    If you like keeping your fats lower while refeeding/cheating -- I can make a killer low-fat, hi protein pizza...
    get a low fat crust (boboli is decent) but you can roll out fresh sour dough pizza crust that is fat free too.
    Use fat free marinara sauce and spread liberally
    Now get some low fat string cheeses and strip them down and layer it across the crust --- now use sliced chicken breast, steak strips and low fat turkey pepperoni and decorate it well.
    More cheese over the top --- maybe some olives and BAKE.


  12. while on the topic of food, some recent examples of meals..
    dinner last night:

    5oz turkey breast
    5oz 93% lean beef
    1/2 cup black beans
    usual 100cal salad (only this time w/ sun dried tomato vinaigrette dressing)
    couple white cheddar rice cakes for dessert
    ~625cal feast

    breakfast this morning:
    i usually eat some meat w/ breakfast, along with eggs, and carbs like oats/bread/or cereal w/ almond milk (corn flakes, multi-grain or honey nut cheerios etc) just some ezekiel bread, and powdered carbs in my shake.
    i also alternate between grapefruit and bananas, sometimes blueberries or strawberries, but i always have a piece of fruit here.
    rarely do i have a shake for breakfast but was in a hurry this morning tho, so..looked like this today:

    1 whole egg + 2 whites
    toasted slice of ezekiel cr w/ 1/2 tbs butter
    1 grapefruit
    protein shake (~320cals, 36g p/28g carbs/7g f)
    ~625cals total

  13. interesting training layout today.

    back/bi/tri weight session, then postWO a call for some tennis as i was finishing up, so decided to forego the postWO meal and took off for the courts... did take some dextrose+brown rice syrup+hydrolyzed protein mixture to drink during/after tennis, was ~40g carbs and 35g protein drink; then ate immediately afterwards.
    the workout looked like this:

    7min light cardio warm-up
    4x8 weighted pull-ups
    4x8 weighted chin-ups
    3x8/6/6 bent BB rows
    3x12/10/8 D-grip seated pulleys, 45 degree angle
    3x8 standing BB curls ss w/
    3x8 weighted dips (tri focused)
    3x8 alternate DB curls ss w/
    3x8 DB kickouts
    no cooldown this day, as i jetted out to get tennis in.

    weight is back in the 190s guyz!! yeahhhhh (190.2 upon rising)
    still lean and veiny, feeling great!

  14. lil update pic of da wheels as i jumped outta the shower a bit ago.

  15. aaaand a tasty lil snack.

    3oz chicken breast chunks
    15 wheat thins (sundried tomato basil flav, yum)
    3 dried apricots
    5oz albacore tuna w/ 1 tbs salsa

  16. feeling nice and swole after a cheat day yesterday (yes i said day, not meal or window)..
    after a solid usual ~600cal breakfast and then a 600cal protein bar+MuscleMilk RTD for my second feeding (both of those being a rarity for me, but i needed something quick and on the fly), i ended up at the Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet.
    oooooooooooooo hour later (and 4 heaping plates worth of tasties such as general tso's chicken/sweet&sour chicken/baked whitefish/baked salmon/fried crab/stuffed crab/stuffed shrimp/butter mushrooms/green beens/and of course some crab rangoon ) i was done..
    until, about 3hrs later when i was hungry again. anyway, i won't detail what all i had from there on out, but it was a "free day" to say the very least (altho, i did finish up the day with a nice protein shake pre-bed ahaaa).
    dint gain as much o/n as i thought i would, only ~3.5lbs, weight at 194.1 upon rising (and before bowel movement of course ).
    ran FTP for training (fasted training protocol), a bcaa+liquid hydrolyzed protein driven session..decided to do chest this day and hit legs over the w/e. and so, it was a hybrid session like this:

    7min cardio warm-up
    5x5 flat DB bench press (2min rests)
    3x8 DB squeeze press (1:45 rests)
    4x15/12/10/8 BB incline press (bar touching collarbone in eccentric position, pause; 1:30 rests)
    5 sets abs
    15min cardio (10min HIIT/5min cooldown)

    was nice session..followed with ~700cal breakast ~20min later.

    update pic of the upper body.

  17. yesterday's training:
    combined quads/hams/calves for traditional leg day in AM, also got ~1.5hrs of tennis later in PM.

    8x8 BB box squats
    8x8 BB rack RDLs
    5x10-12 BB calf raises off step

    solid session - these heavy weights are feeling both super good and also catching up with me..
    awoke this morning sorer than a mugged wino.
    still gonna get some bi/tri/abs in this day, and mow my yard this afternoon..tomorrow is off day.
    this will be the 3rd day in a row i've ran fasted training upon rising - don't know how much longer i'll do it and you'd think it is contradictory in a lean bulk phase, but i am really seeing some great short-term results from it offsetting my one heavy cheat day (consumed 3500cals the next day, ~4300 yesterday, target is ~4k this day).

  18. couple shots of the pissed off pythons following training.
    pump was great, wiped out definition for now but i'm swole.

    had some fun with the postWO meal, fit in a Butterfinger candy bar that accounted for
    ~270 of my 725cals total
    ~11g fat of my 15g total
    ~48g carbs of my 100g total
    (oat bran and grapefruit accounted for other carbs..also added 4 egg whites+30g hydrolyzed isolate)
    was an interesting feeding.
    following with a solid meal in ~2hrs.

    update on the upcoming cycle:
    decided on Utradrol/Trenazone stack, planned kick-off is ~September 22 or 29th (haven't decided yet).
    also picked up some Axon (stimulant from Antaeus Labs), looks pretty cool..will be trying that one soon.
    gonna be some fun times coming up fellaz.

  19. that nice solid meal i told you was coming next..

    5oz 96% lean beef w/ slice of American cheese
    8oz sweet potato
    couple generous handfuls veggie medley
    (not pictured: 3 slices deli smoked turkey breast, 1 scoop protein shake in 8oz almond milk)
    ~610cals total

  20. dinner last night..

    5oz 96% lean beef
    3oz chicken breast chunks
    2oz deli smoked turkey breast
    120cal salad (used some bleu cheese dressing this time)
    (not pictured, dessert: 5 white cheddar rice cakes)

    on tap for today, brewing up some almost-fat-free chili.
    20oz turkey breast
    2 cans Bush's kidney beans
    1 can Red Gold tomato juice
    total cals on this feast (not counting the added onions/jalapenos/banana peppers - i never count veggies in my totals) is ~1600, with a breakdown of 160g carbs/270g protein/8g fat.
    i will prolly get 5 meals out of this, adding in some other fare to complete the feeding.
    off the top - i know one meal today will be a bowl of this + a MetRX colossal brownie.

    cals targeted for ~3500 this off day.

  21. breakfast this morning, a lil smaller cuz i'll be up longer today, hence need to space nutrients out longer as my preference..

    5oz 96% lean beef
    1 whole egg/2 whites
    1 slice Ezekiel cr w/ 1/2 tbs butter
    1 cup corn flakes w/ 5oz almond milk
    ~565cals total

    i'm also checking out the Axon here this morning for the first time..will give some feedback on it later -- after i decide what workout will be today (either #3/back or #4/shoulders in the 'planned rotation' that's been a guideline but nothing more)..
    tennis match planned for this evening as well, coming to the end of tennis pretty dang soon.

  22. great log so far... Love all the food shots, lol... Makes me realize how bland i have been cooking this past month. About how many grams of protein do you shoot for a day.

    When you play tennis, do your opponents sh!t a brick?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by huggy77 View Post
    great log so far... Love all the food shots, lol... Makes me realize how bland i have been cooking this past month. About how many grams of protein do you shoot for a day.
    thanks man.
    targets for now are ~400g protein/400g crabs/85g fat.
    occasionally i'll move the carbs up and protein down, and vary fat as well, but 40/40/20 is my usual targeted basis (on training days).

    When you play tennis, do your opponents sh!t a brick?
    lulzzzz..i get that sometimes.
    i'm really more athletic than you'd think tho, not that 'big' per se.
    more realistically: after thinking i'm gonna be an easy match because of the way i look - they sh!t a brick when they see how i actually move around out there.

  24. was good training session today..decided on hitting the back, will follow with shoulders/hams/abs tomorrow.

    7min cardio warm-up
    3 sets pull-ups (no weights, used this as warm/stretching move)
    3x8 bent BB rows
    3x10/8/6 seated pulleys, D-grip attachment
    4x8/8/6/6 1-arm DB rows
    6x8/8/8/6/6/6 rack deads
    7min cardio cooldown

    upper back was sufficiently exhausted..lower back was HUGELY pumped, went heavier on these than i have in a very long while.
    couple (goofy) pics of the back, can't take these pics very good myself.
    will have better 3rd-party shots going forward, but these will work as sneak peeks for now until i really start adding some weight/muscle.
    as noted, the pump in lower back obscured all definition (not that i have a bunch there anyway, as lower back is one of my current weaknesses)

    Axon was sufficient today - i only took 2 caps with breakfast to assess, started feeling it shortly after finishing the meal, full kick-in prolly ~45min following. wasn't anything overly 'stimmed out' which is not what i'm looking for, so that's think i need to go up to 3 caps tho.
    energy was good thruout training, no lull or letdown..seems to be long-lasting for sure.

  25. on a roll with these food pics.
    postWO meal - which came 1hr following postWO shake of ~525cals (85g c/35g p/5g f)

    2oz deli chicken breast on lightly toasted Ezekiel w/ slice of american cheese
    1 pck Starkist sweet & spicy tuna creations
    couple handfuls veggie medley
    ~450cals total



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