Severe elbow pain

  1. Severe elbow pain

    So I've been working out for a few years but recently my elbows have been giving me a ton of trouble. I'm 23 so it's probably not too much wear and tear yet.

    Skullcrushers amd most tricep exercises are incredibly painful. It's like the muscle outworks the joint.

    I haven't used any anabolics in about a year so it's not from that as it flared up recently

  2. You might want to take a week or two and do some higher volume/lower intensity work to strengthen up all your connective tissues. Maybe don't go to failure and keep reps over 10 and see if that helps. It works for me when something connective-related starts giving me trouble.

    Maybe throw in some fish oil/glucosamine if you're not taking it already.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  3. drop the skull crushers first off as for people with elbow pain there isnt a worse exercise. take a few weeks off and ice and heat the crap out of them. when you do go back lay off the low rep stuff. i had terrible elbow pain years ago. i remember that doing exercise that keep the elbows close to the body worked best ie, pushdowns, cgbp, rgbp. good luck

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