A bit of working out advice if you will!

  1. A bit of working out advice if you will!

    Hey guys, I used to be an avid member a few years ago and just made a new account. I was in much better shape then, I am 6'3" and was a lean 215 then. I am now 225-230 after completing college and it wasnt a great weight gain. I recently took a job where I will be working out of a hotel for three weeks at a time and then only 4 days off at which I will be in a friends condo. (for the next 5 months). I am just looking for suggestions for exercises with dumbells that will help maintain overall strength especially in the major muscle groups, it's going to suck not having the barbell to help there. Any ideas would be great, thanks a lot

  2. This is a pretty good list of dumbbell exercises, beyond the ones that you are probably already aware of.


    What are you thinking in terms of a set up? 3 full body workouts per week, some sort of split, etc?


  3. Thanks a lot man, tons on there to help. I was mainly concerned about having a few solid back exercises but it looks like there is plenty!

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