close grip bench press 265 for 3 reps + 1 assisted rep! (video inside)

  1. close grip bench press 265 for 3 reps + 1 assisted rep! (video inside)

    filmed my close grip work for arms today! warmed up with 2 sets, then got 225 for 4, 245 for 4, and finally 265 for 3 reps + 1 more rep. check it out! tomorrows leg day I'm gonna film my squat work and film a few more exercises too! check em out!

    april 13 2012 friday arms (close grip bench press) - YouTube

    heres my before and after pic too me at 135lbs 2 years ago, and now over 200lbs

  2. decent dude

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dirtwarrior
    decent dude
    I go with more than decent...congrats man
    I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary. - Lou Holtz

  4. Strong, nice bro!

  5. Good job bud
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  6. thanks everyone, i actually sadly lost some strength my best a month and a half was 275 for 3 reps on my own, and i maxed out 295 too. unfortunately 2 weeks ago i wasn't able to lift or eat well due to a few things i was going through, i should get back my strength in a few weeks or so.


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