could you please give me some advice on my lifting routine

  1. could you please give me some advice on my lifting routine

    hi there,
    i have been trying to put together a routine where i can work out mon-fri, mon,wed and fri upper body and tues,thurs lower. There is so much info out there a lot of it seems confusing. I was looking to do it all week as i dont have the weekends free and i also just really enjoy trying to push myself. I have just started with protien shakes aswell as taking creatine(been using it a week and the results are noticable).im only a little guy 5'8 and weight about 150lbs,, i dont want to be massive but i def want to bulk up a bit more,, my ruitine is as follows


    bench press
    bent over rows
    straight rows
    shoulder press
    bicep curl
    hammer curl
    butterfly curl
    tricep extention


    dead lift
    seated calf raise (barbell)
    seated calf rais (barbell)
    lunge (dumbell)

    i have been doing 4x8 for each, im planning on doing that for a week then adding a extra rep to each untill i get to 12. Then adding more weight and taking it back down to 8.

    As i say i have been trying to put it together myself so im a little lost, any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. first off I wouldnt do mon thru fri
    Id do and upper lower split twice a week
    I would focus on your base first and the rest later.
    I would use 5/3/1 for this
    Fri-Standing Oh Press

    Id pick 2-3 assistence lifts per day and rotate them every 3 weeks
    Hams/Lower Back-Goodmorning-3x10
    Unilateral Quad-Split Squats Leg raises-3x8-12
    Abs-Standing rope crunches

    Bench+Chins (Do chins inbetween all sets of bench including warm-ups)
    Db work-Incline DB Press-2x15-20
    Rows-DB rows-3x8-12
    Tris+Upper Back-Pushdowns+Face Pulls-50 reps of each

    Unilateral quad-walking lunges-3 sets
    Hams/Lower back-Yoga Ball Leg Curls-3 sets
    Abs-Leg Raises-3 sets

    Standing Oh Press+Chins (do chins inbetween all sets of press including warm-ups)
    Row-Cable Rows-3x8-12
    Tris+Upper Back-Oh Ext+Pullaparts-50 reps each

  3. if you are new to lifting you prob are going to create a program that is full of bad stuff. find a proven program that will meet your needs. like you want to bulk up a bit. do a 5x5 program. there are several, like starting strength or strong lifts. leave madcow for when you have done something else for at least 6 months.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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