Yates Back Workout

  1. Yates Back Workout

    I ran across some training videos of Dorian Yates from back in the day, and I'm curious about his back workout. There's a link below showing his back routine, and I was wondering if anyone can confirm the order. It seems strange that he would start with pullovers, unless it's a warmup. His exercise order in his other videos makes sense.

    Any thoughts?

    Training- Dorian Yates (Back) - YouTube

  2. I got a minute into the workout. Damn nautilus machines............

  3. His vids of training Evan Centopani also show back day beginning with underhanded pullovers. So yeah, probably in the right order.
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  4. In his "Blood and Guts" training video series he starts with dumbbell pullovers because a pullover machine was not available. He follows with close reverse grip pull downs. He then goes on to do dumbbell rows, then cable rows, and finishes with barbell rows.... So it seems the exercises are fairly consistent but nor necessarily the order.

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