DC training with LeanGains

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  1. DC training with LeanGains

    So been doing leangains for about a month now and just been maintaining weight. Sitting at 5'8 190-192. i love the setup of the diet and the little bit of freedom u get and to manipulate things. Im going to up the cals and start DC training and see what happens. Ive done a blast of DC in the past and now i want to make it my staple routine for a good amount of the winter and see where it can take me. i wana get up to about 205-2010 while remaining around the same Body comp. my plan is to start out at 3600 cals on training days and 2500 on off days and up the cals as needed along the way.

  2. im doing the 2 way split going M W F. this works well for me cuz i have school TWTh and work as a caddie on the weekends. Here's the routine:
    Started monday 8-29-11 Did...
    • Inc. DB:85x9,3,2

    Did the fly stretch with 40lbs for 45sec
    • WG upright row:115x12,8,7

    followed by the delt stretch for 45 sec
    • Decline smyth: 205x9,5,4

    did the over head dumbell stretch for 45 sec with 55lbs
    • Rack Chins: 50x8,5,4
    • Hammer Strength row:275x9,5,3

    Did the hang stretch for 45 secs (this kills)
    Finished the workout with a rest pause set on the HS ab machine at:70x15,10,6

    I loved the workout and the intensity and cant wait to go up in weights next time this workout comes around

  3. Wednesdays workout:
    machine preacher curl: 110x12,6,4 followed by the incline curl stretch for 45 sec with 3olbs
    pinwheel curls: 35lbsx20SS. Did a barbell forearm stretch for 45 sec. (these are super tough)
    Hack Calf: i like to rest pause this exercise otherwise my feet start to slip. (rest of my calf workouts are SS DC style). Did 340x10,8,5 and i held the last rep at the bottom for a good long stretch.
    lying leg curl: 130x 10,6,3 followed by a stiff leg DB stretch for 45 sec
    Squats: 325x8, 245x23 followed by the sissy squat stretch.
    My legs and calves are dead today and i love it

  4. Friday workout will consist of...
    Dec. HS press 11-15
    High Inc smyth press 16-25
    Skull crushers16-25
    V-bar pulldowns 16-25
    Deadlifts 4-8, 10-12

    I will be caddying in the morning so i hope it wont effect my performance. i'll probably break the fast around 1 and lift at around 7.

    Got home today from class at around 3 and decided to extend the fast a little longer till dinner around 5pm. had moms home made turkey chilly and string beans from the garden. Might go out to dinner a little later with the girlfriend.

  5. looking good man.
    Subbed along
    RecoverBro ELITE

  6. Now this will be interesting to see.... I'll be following.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. thanks guys. so far feeling strong in the gym. i hope it keeps up. just got home, had a plate of grilled calamari and a bun-less bison burger along with sweet potatoe fries at this restaurant. just downed a protein shake and heading to bed. any of you guys who are experienced in DC or leangains I'll take any criticism i can get. thanks

  8. got my first meal in today at 2. consisted of 8 ounces of chicken breast, some broccoli, some left over turkey chille, and 4 slices of ezekiel toast with some almond butter.
    Just got my second meal in, had...8 ounces of 96/4 beef patties, 3 slices of ezekiel toast with a touch of nutella and almond butter, some green beans with salsa and a Balance protein bar.
    Cant wait to go workout. i think im going to get chipotle for a postworout meal. get some double meat action. take that home and make a shake to go along with that...mmmm

  9. cool man.

    i've been blasting and crusing on DC for a while now. I love it.

  10. Great to hear. what have your results been like?

  11. So got to the gym at around 7. Went decently well. Heres the stats...
    Dec. Hammer Strength: 365x9,4,3=16 forgot to do the fly stretch so did after my shoulder lift which was...
    High Inc. Smyth press: 185x8,3,3=14 this was a little lower than i wanted so need to keep this weight the same and get the reps up. Did the fly stretch with 45's for 50 sec. next was...
    Skulls: 100x11,7,5=23 followed by the overhead DB stretch with a 55 for 50 secs
    V-bar pulldown: 162.5x 10,5,4. I should of used my straps here cuz this killed my grip and i think it affected my deads.
    Deadlift: 415x6, 385x10 and I then did the hang stretch for 50 sec.
    Will use straps next time for sure, at least on the pulldowns.
    Postworkout meal was a china buffet for 9 bucks. had a ton of sushi and chicken and a little bit of sherbet . came home and had a 50g of protein shake. now im about to head to bed because i have to get up early in the morning for work.
    Also, ordered some supps that im going to throw in the mix. got me some litup, some rpm, some neovar and some lean xtreme. im going to kill it!(haha, i hope)

  12. dc is the best. dont know if ill ever be able to do it again though. have to wait and see how shoulder turns out. im just past the 2 month mark post surgery
    Noob looking for alot of guidance
    I've got a hold of some omnadren 250(is sustanon better?) and I'm pretty much clueless about steroids. All i know about it is that it easily aromatizes and it holds alot of water

  13. that's unfortunate. i hope u recover from it

  14. Quote Originally Posted by freakdego21 View Post
    Great to hear. what have your results been like?

    been doing it for a year and a half now. I still love it.

    Results have been great, i'm still growing

  15. yea DC is great. i just have to stick to it

    Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post
    been doing it for a year and a half now. I still love it.

    Results have been great, i'm still growing

  16. yeah i havent really seen a weight difference in means of size, but strength gains are INSANE on DC training. no joke, DC is super legit
    BPS Representative

  17. yea, hoping for gains in both department. So its sunday and my body is sore as sh**. i hope im recovered for tomorrow's B2 workout. i have to make sure i get some good sleep tonite

  18. Just got back from lifting and got done eating. went to the gym straight after work today and had to go to different gym because my closed at one today. got a meal in a work at work while caddying of 3 slices of ezekiel toast, carrots, 8 ounces of chicken, some almonds, and a protein bar. macro were about: 80c, 95p, 22fat. took some Lit up after work and got to the gym at about 1. did my B2 workout. consisted of...
    BB curl: 95x12, 6,4
    cable rvrs curl:25x15
    Machine Leg press calf:175x12
    leg press: 18 platesx8, 14platesx25
    Stiff leg DBDL: 95x8, 95x12
    Didnt like this gym and especially the leg press machine. took me a while to figure out how many plates to get on there and did a ton of warm sets.
    Got home and had 140g of protein, 165g of carbs and 25g of fat

  19. So its Wednesday and I just did my A3 workout. Went well, did...
    Slight inc. smyth: 215x9,3,3=15
    DB press: 65x9, 5,4=18
    Dips: BW+40x9,4,3=16
    Lat pulldown: 150x9,5,3=17
    Rack dead + shrug: 335x8, 315x14. This is pretty much a rack dead lift but as im coming up I throw in a shrugging motion and squeeze for a second then go down. next time im just going to do my heavy set as a normal rack dead and do the lighter set as described.
    Got home and had giant turkey legs with potatoes and rice cakes and a shake with bananas and other goodies. Macros were about: 145p, 28f, 200c. Feeling good and cant wait to eat again

  20. sub'd. going to start DC training myself come tomorrow.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by AndrewNico
    sub'd. going to start DC training myself come tomorrow.
    Subbed along too. DC looks interesting. If I get a dedicated spotter to spot me at home I might give it a go on my next lean bulk.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  22. great to hear. post your template if u want

  23. spotter isnt really necessary. the only exercise i feel really needs it is overhead DB press, especially on that 3rd RP. Other than that its not to bad

  24. today is an off day from the gym, but at school today in one of my classes they made us do a fitness assessment test which was pushups, situps and a two mile run. havnt ran two miles in a while and i could feel it a little after words. got home a 3pm and had 7 eggs, peas, some broccoli, 3 slices of ezekiel toast and a shake. macro's were 110p, 75c, 35f. Probably going to have salmon for dinner tonight so cant wait for that. also cant wait for B3 tomorrow!

  25. Stoked today because my supps came. Going to be dosing lean xtreme first thing in the a.m. and then 5 hours later. hoping this will help keep me lean and help with cortisol levels due to school and not eating in the morning. Ill be using neovar with my pre and post workout meal. then ill be taking 2 rpm's with one scoop of lit up. cant wait to test this out.
    Broke the fast today with a hug meal at around 130. had 5 eggs, 3 egg whites, 3 pancakes, 5 turkey sausage patties, banana, some spinach some mushrooms and an English muffin. washed it down with a small shake. it was a treat for me because i usually don't eat wheat or flours. just got done eating my second meal of a bowl of grits, green beans, some peanut butter and 10oz of chicken. going to hit the gym in a couple of hours. cant wait

  26. B3 went like this:
    Seated DB curl:35'sx13,7,6
    One arm Hammer Preacher Curl:25x17
    Seated calf:50x11
    Sumo press: 720x20
    Front Squat:225x8
    Smyth Squat(feet are far forward and feels like a hack squat):225x25
    I felt like I couldnt went harder with all the leg exercises. lower back was fatiguing on the sqauts though and i was being a bitc*. also i need to go way heavier next time.
    Weekend went well and ate pretty good.
    Cant wait for tomorrow to do my A1 again and to move up in weights. gotta beat that log book!

  27. Started week 3 today and it was my A1 workout. Was a little disappointed today because the weights didnt really move up too much in some of my exercises. Here are the stats:
    Inc. DB press: 95'sx7,3,1 with a static and slow negative
    WG upright Row:135x12,8,7(This moved up quite a bit but the form could be stricter)
    Dec. smtyh Close Grip: 225x9,4,3
    Rack chins: 55x9,4,4
    Hammer Strength row:295x9,3,4 this was really hard for some reason and i felt weak on this movement
    about to go eat my meal. I Have to start eating more i think.

  28. if weights dont move up . . . drop the exercise.

    sorry to hear about that bro.

  29. It wasnt that they didnt move up. They all moved up, some just more than other. I was disappointed with the inc. DB press especially. I guess i just had higher expectations for my numbers.

  30. Jus ate my post workout meal. Had 215g of carbs, 150g of protein and 30g of fat. Anyone who does lean gains, what are your usual macros post workout. This seems kind of like a lot. but i saw a few guys doing similar meals while on this diet. Anybody have any thoughts?


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