What are your favorite chest ripping routines?

  1. What are your favorite chest ripping routines?

    I am looking to develop my chest more especially while taking advantage of being on cycle. I'm just wanting to get some opinions/help from others here and what you do on chest days. Thanks Eric
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  2. Feet in chair Pushups, using my knuckles, not my palms. 6-7 sets of those with like 15 reps. Then move to Incline Bench Press where i'll do High Volume. Usually start out with 280 for warm up, then up the weight to like 320, 325. Then move to Decline Bench Press and instead more reps less weight, i'll do more weight less reps, like 350, 5 sets of however many i feel i can do after i've already worked my chest so much.

    Different days for my chest i'll do different things, im not a very scheduled person, if i hit the gym on chest day, and feel the top of my chest is lagging, i'll hit some incline.
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  3. My routine lately has been Incline bench press, low incline db press, dips or fly's, pullovers. I've been focusing on my upper chest. Its working well.

  4. 8-10 sets of banded flat bench followed by either flat or incline DB press
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  5. ^I know they say don't use bands longer than 4 weeks at a time but it is the only to really blast my chest from flat bench.

  6. My current routine for chest is

    Heavy DB or BB Incline Press
    Hammer Strength Iso-lateral Flat Press (seated Upright not laying)
    Bodyweight Dips to failure each set
    Flys (switch up the angles or whether it is db's or machine)


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