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Training Anabolically!

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    Training Anabolically!

    I'm extremely familiar with the world of natural training and have been going hard for 2+ years and made decent gains. I'm about 220 lbs, 5'11 and 18%bf currently. I've decided to run my first pro-hormone though being Hdrol (maybe pmag but I'm thinking I should probably cut before bulking up more) and was wondering if there are any changes in training that I should make in order to take full advantage of the PH. I've always heard you recover faster and it's hard to overtrain when youre "on". I'm on a 5 day split currently that goes like this:

    I wasthinking I might be able to get away with doing a couple sets of tris after chest on wed and bi's after back on thursday.

    I usually have 3-4 exercises per muscle group and about 3-4 sets per exercise. 1-1.5 mins rest between most sets except for taxing exercises like squats etc.

    I really just want to make the most of the PH so any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys!

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    bump for a good question sorry no answer here.
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    Yea, I'm currently 5 on/2 off and I don't know if I should drop to one off day while "on" or what?

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