My 6 week *NOT* training, post hernia surgery log!

  1. My 6 week *NOT* training, post hernia surgery log!

    Had a umbilical hernia for about 2 years now..finally decided to have surgery on it before it gets real bad. This log is to see how well I maintain muscle in my 6 weeks no lifting post op. It should be interesting as I will be coming off of a 12 week test/deca cycle. I am having surgery on monday, about to hit up my last lifting session right now. I will be updating weekly with pictures to see how well I can maintain.

    I will be using the following supplements in the 6 weeks:
    -300 mcg ghrp-6 daily
    -400 grams protein daily
    -3-4 servings xtend bcaa's daily
    -Low dose (20-50 mcg a day) clen
    -pct will include hcg starting in 2 weeks at 250ius ed for 10 days, 50mg clomid for 30 days, 5gs a day tribulus, and 12 on 12 off of DAA.

    Off to the gym! Will post pictures later!

  2. Well I don't seem to be able to upload pictures from my phone cause they are too big? Name:  bb pics 001.jpg
Views: 2668
Size:  44.0 KB this was the only pic that was small enough to upload. Here's a video of my 225 push press I did today
    Weight was 244 on the scale at the gym. Hoping to be able to stay at least 235 without lifting. I'd even be happy dropping to 230 or 225 and leaning out a little with the ghrp-6 and clen+ high protein diet. We shall see.

    Current Maxes are-
    Bench- 375
    Military Press - 225
    Squat- 495
    Deadlift 505

    I am not sure how much I will lose off of these..I rarely max out anyways (maybe once every 6 months or so if that), but I did this last week as a point of relativity to compare to a few months down the road.

  3. Just got home from my surgery. I'm high as a kite still from anesthesia, and whatever these pain pills are lol. Will not be taking ghrp today, it is also going to be an extremely low calorie day. Just gonna try to rehydrate and get a few shakes in.

  4. Holy crap! I feel like a biotch being in this much pain. I never realized how much we use are abs. Starting ghrp back up today in hopes of healing faster. Refusing to take a dooper until i get some laxatives lol.

  5. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on what my diet should look like while I am unable to workout? I know I am going to lose some weight as I will be on pct, but would like to maintain as much muscle as possible. Right now my plan is 3,500 calories a day with 1500ish coming from protein.

  6. i may have the same surgery soon....definitely interested in this log

  7. Well 6 days post surgery I am feeling pretty good. Almost no pain or discomfort so now to let my body heal up for the next 5 weeks. I walked around seattle for a few hours yesterday cause some friends were visiting, and felt fine. No soreness or pain today! Only been taking 150mcg of ghrp-6 daily. Hooefully the test in my body + elevated gh levels will make me heal faster!!

  8. Well 9 days post surgery, finally not sore. Little twinge here or there but I am taking it pretty easy. Not pushing it, and gonna take the whole time off. Let it heal right. I am feining for the gym. It is not only my favorite hobby and passion, but my vent and stress reliever from the world so I hate this. Anyways, my belly button is swollen neutral and looks weird. Hoping the swelling goes down soon so it pops back in lol. I had the incisional surgery, not laproscopic by the way.

  9. Oh..also, through not working out, and eating a lott less last week I am down to 230. However many things play into this, I dropped deca 3 weeks ago, started letro for a tiny gyno bump, on top of surgery so yeah. Don't look like I have lost any muscle so far, just water weight. Look better actually..minus the belly button...

  10. Happy 4th of july everyone! Especially to my fellow service members both overseas and at home. Waiting in the denver airport to fly back to washington currently. 14 days post surgery update. This weekend was rough. My 83 year okd grandma fell hard on the side walk. I HAD to help pick her up. Hernia was a little sore, got slightly swollen but after a day everything is fine. Belly button looks as if it is starting to go back in..or trying to. Kind of irritated because it honestly looks worse now after my surgery. You couldnt even tell superficially before. However I know it is normal to have swelling, a bump like a hernia over the mesh, and ridge over and around the incision for a while. I weighed 228 yesterday. This weekend diet was ****. Lots of eating out with family. I still look noticeably leaner, and better lol. All androgens are almost out of my system as well . Will post pics tomorrow.

  11. Following along, be careful picking up people, I know you had to ;-) but you might blow that hernia back out, its only been 2 weeks, certainly not enough time to heal up all the way. It is amazing how much the central core affects daily tasks, it really is brought into use literally all the time and we dont notice or take it for granted.
    PHF Rep

  12. Haha I know man, being as careful as possible. No way I am even trying to risk busting this mesh before its healed. My doc said he made it pretty strong due to the fact I lift though so that is reassuring to me. Belly button is starting to turn back in on the bottom..slowly..28 more days until I hit the gym again. I can't wait. My joints all feel great btw, even being on letro to reverse the tiny amount of gyno I have. Will post a pic here shortly.

  13. Sorry for the 2 weeks with no updates to anyone that has followed this! I am 30 days post surgery today. Belly button is most of the way back in. Weight has maintained very well, even with being stressed at work, eating less, and being on post cycle. Weighed in at 229 last night. No pain or discomfort at all anymore. Went to the gym today, used the elliptical and toyed around with some 10 lb dumbells lol. 12 days until I start working out again..can't wait..FEINING. Here's a pic I just took with my webcam, not the best pic but i have maintained muscle surprisngly well all things considered imo.Name:  Picture 002.jpg
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Size:  25.8 KB

  14. Good stuff, like I said dont push it,wait those 12 days, and then start out slowly, in two weeks you will be up to speed, but take your time.
    PHF Rep

  15. For sure..will do. Thanks for the advice! My plan is to do mostly bodyweight exercises the first 2 weeks. At 8 weeks post surgery i would like to start squatting and deadlifting again. Do you think it is acceptable to mow my lawn?

  16. LOL. How heavy is your lawnmower to push around?
    PHF Rep

  17. So my doctor cleared me for 5 weeks to do whatever physically. I couldnt resist working out today. I am not gonna do anything heavy for a while..couple months. I am just slowly gonna progress weight, with mostly bw stuff for these first few weeks. Today I did the crossfit kicked my azz. It was 1000 meters of rowing, 30 pull ups, and 50 45lb thrusters(holding bar like a military press, going down into a front squat, coming up into a press). I felt a tiny strain while doing pull ups, however I think it is just do to the scar tissue/area not actually having tension put on it before now. It felt SO good to workout omg..i am in euphoria today. So happy. Not gonna overdo it, just gonna play it safe with weights and training for a while via crossfit workout of the days, biking, jogging, and swimming.

  18. Also I mowed my lawn on was glorious lol. Glad to be able to do yardwork again.

  19. Glad to see you are doing well mate. What is the standard recovery time of hernia surgery? Do you feel the peptides helped you recover faster? I'm due for my OP next week and have 100 days worth of GHRP-2 + CJC1295, may even throw some HGH in there.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    Glad to see you are doing well mate. What is the standard recovery time of hernia surgery? Do you feel the peptides helped you recover faster? I'm due for my OP next week and have 100 days worth of GHRP-2 + CJC1295, may even throw some HGH in there.
    Well I think I slightly overdid it even though I didnt use any weight..sigh..area got sore and has been. Freaked out and went to my surgeon to look at it today, he laughed at me and said its fine. Just gonna give it another 2 weeks as much as I dont want to not work out. I am irritated but accepting of it. i would rather take another2 weeks off than another surgery + at least 6 more after that. I cant say if the ghrp aided recovery. I dont really feel it aided in recovery of the surgery site per say, but coming off my cycle and into my pct now and i maintained a lot of my muscle i thought i would lose. Without working out. But hey it cant hurt so I say do it up brotha!

  21. Any update on how your doing? This is long ago lol, but i have a umbilical hernia surgery coming up and was wondering what supplements i should consume to keep muscle preservation while bed ridden

  22. Quote Originally Posted by NoLimitz View Post
    Any update on how your doing? This is long ago lol, but i have a umbilical hernia surgery coming up and was wondering what supplements i should consume to keep muscle preservation while bed ridden
    You should mostly up your calorie intake and keep protein high. Supplements are not really required.
    Want to handstand like bruce lee?

    ----------> <---------------

  23. Bump!

    Nolimitz how did your surgery go?

    OP you still around?

  24. So happy to have found this blog! I'm just over a week after getting an umbilical hernia repaired for the second time (so technically incisional hernia this time) I got it fixed with the mesh this time, and trying to be smart about activity (last time around I pushed a heavy door open a few days after and it ripped right open again.) But yeah, hankering to be back at my box Diablo CrossFit and frustrated with my low energy. I was thrilled to realize that I can do pistol squats without any pain or discomfort though :P


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