Power Breath Work for Recovery and Energy

  1. Power Breath Work for Recovery and Energy

    My friend,

    I was doing some breath work, alone, in the Arizona Sand dunes today and decided to film some of it to inspire and encourage people to become aware of their own breath.

    No matter the situation in life, coming back to the power, comfort and mystery of my own breath brings me back into the present, makes me feel good, and gives me more energy afterwards!

    YouTube - ‪Breathing Exercises to Release Anxiety, Stress, Fear and Negativity‬‏


  2. No offense, but it sounds like a script reading from Conan the Barbarian or somethin. I understand and believe controlling your breathing can do all kinds of things for a person, but every single person that teaches it or does demonstrations of it, don't do it in a way that is appealing to the average person. Most people aren't impressed with theological when it comes to exercise. Again, I'm not tryin to rag on you or anything, just sayin you can reach a lot more people if you tuned it a little more towards the average person. Thanks for the techniques.

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