loose feeling muscle

  1. loose feeling muscle

    I have been working out often and effectively for some time. My muscles have always felt very loose, and it's really annoying. When I train them they are tight but they are quite loose otherwise. I thought maybe it was because there was fat in the muscle itself, which makes the muscle loose. I feel ultimately it has to do with the way i train but i do not know. Any thoughts?

  2. It may be how much bodyfat you are carrying around or the type of workout routine you are on. Usually a higher rep program will tighten up the muscles a bit more than low reps. Certain supplements can also contribute to excess water which can cause the muscles to look loose.

  3. You're muscles are supposed to be relaxed (loose) unless you are contracting them. In fact, if a muscle is chronically contracted (flexed), then you start running into issues of tonicity.

    Take home message: if you're muscles are hard when you are working out, flex, or are pumped...then its not an issue of intermuscular adipose.


  4. kxyx8611: I like to think that I don't have a ton of fat on me but I probably have a good 10% or so. I am trying to loose weight at the moment but I am still performing a high weight low rep workout

    Sounds good to me though. Thanks for the help guys.

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