Lifting and training same time of day

  1. Lifting and training same time of day

    I was thinking about this and a guy who works at the gym said it too.
    Im getting alot of fatigue to the point of having to lay down for 30min.(not really sleeping)after i eat lunch sometimes breakfast happens more later in week.
    Im training in the morning for 35-50min burning around 450-650cals.On a whey shake.
    I do this at 6:15am and do my weights in the evening around 5:30pmwith post training burning around 600-750cals in 1hr 1/2

    Point being that doing this with eating/training at same time my body is shutting down to save cals to fuel training.
    He said to workout at different time.How??
    Couldn't i just figure out how many cals to fuel me though day??

    Would that fix the fatigue during day?
    33yrs/10% 181lb bmr=1965cals eating 3000cals

    So on a good day i burn 1400cals in training alone and sometimes burn 200-300 mid-morning doing box-jumps in about 15min(bored)

  2. First, it doesn't seem you are eating enough. 1965 may be how many calories your body needs without ANY activity, but don't forget, you are moving during the day. At the very least, you'll be needing an additional 15-25% just to cover basic daily activity.

    Next, if your training is high intensity, then there is a period of time post training where your metabolic rate is elevated as your body is returning to baseline and making adaptations. This requires energy.

    Finally, it would appear you are over-reaching. Continue training like this and you'll be over trained. The symptoms you describe are associated with over-reaching and the onset of over training. You may want to take a week to deload before going back hard.


  3. Definitely eat more. Also, with high intensity workouts, a week of deloading or even off would benefit you. Are you gettinf 7-8 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night? If not you are not recovering well. I believe that maybe a short nap every now and then is healthy and necessary. My first suggestion would be to eat way more. I read in a book that in average, 1200 cals is just enough to power your body for regular function, nevermind rigorous training.

  4. I eat more then 1400 i eat 3000 but with just training im down to 1400 cals to funtion on.

  5. Overreached has hit im in recovery NOW lost 1lb muscle and gained .5%bf this week trained hardest i ever did this week.
    Trying to find trainer/nutritionist to help me.

    Thank you for all your help wish you'd live by me i'd hire you buddy!!
    But i see water in the background i have a small lake behind my house and thats not it.

  6. Lol dude did you not take any advice from your other thread? Rodja was helping you in there. And your asking the same questions here pretty much. Everyone said to increase cals and fats, decrease training volume and rest more. And try a deload for a week or two before going back at the gym hard. You pretty much ignored all that. You dont need a personal trainer or dietician. You need to relax, cut the crap that isnt helping you and stop over thinking this. Your getting burned rest and eat.


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