horrible news and depressed. need tips guys

  1. horrible news and depressed. need tips guys

    Well my hiatal hernia came back yall. I had surgery a year ago for it and now it's back. When I had surgery the first time I lost 30 lbs because I had to be on a liquid diet for a month and couldn't really eat big for another couple months.

    Anyways, I'm back to where I was before the surgery and the other day when I was doing heavy deads for reps something happened and i've felt like **** for the past week with the same symptoms before the surgery. So i'm getting an appt with the GI doc to get another endoscopy and I may have to get surgery again. I guess i'll just have to stop squatting and doing deads. IT SUCKS SO MUCH!!! So what do you guys think I could do to keep the size I have and possibly build bigger legs? I'm going to keep doing ham curls and quad exts along with lunges. Any other ideas for exercises I could do?

  2. Have you tried doing leg presses?Don't know if that'll make anything flare up mybe worth i try.Wouldn't be as much pressure on back also hack squat machine.

  3. I feel for you, man. I discovered I have a spondylolisthesis last June. I love squats, I love doing deadlifts and now I wasn't able to do them. I did some research and found some promising news. I found that front squats were not as hard on my back so I threw them into my routine. As for deadlifts, I started to use the trap-bar so the weight was to my sides and not in front, pulling me forward.

    Keep your head up, bro. Do your research, talk to others online or at the gym who are in the same boat as you and see what works best. Good luck.

  4. Keep your head up there are several options for fixing the hernia. With my Dad the first time he had that surgery they just sewed him up but it came back with vengence. The second time they put a wire mesh over the injury site and he has never had another problem. Make sure you ask the doc his advice you won't be the first weight lifter he has treated.

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