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  1. new workout please!!!

    hi im a college student who is home for break and has cancelled my gym membership because lifting is free at school. I have 40 lb dumbbells and need a workout plan till i can get back to my school gym? I also have a sledge hammer and a tire set up in my yard. If anybody can help me with a workout regimine, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mike Mahler has some good stuff for at home strength workouts, can you set up a dipping station and some pullups, I use the rafters in my garage. I would do something like this 3-4 days a week.

    Hammer swingsx15 rep
    Lungesx25 yards down and back
    Single Leg SLDLx7 reps per leg
    Standing DB militaryx15 reps
    Speed DB rowsx7 reps
    Zottman curlsx12 reps
    Tire flipx25 yards

    Just do all those in a circuit style, rest 3 minutes or so in between sets, 3-4 times through should do it for you, weights and cardio all in one.

  3. thank you this is exactely the kind of workout i was looking for...who is mike mahler?

    does he have a website or something i can look at?

  4. I'm sure he has a website, just google his name and you should find some good info.

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