change of routine

  1. change of routine

    Still fairly new to seriously working outand need some advice. I was doing m-w-f-general upperbody and 30 min cardio, and t-t-s hour cardio and do legs once in a while Realizing this is no good I am switching to a push-pull-leg split. I want to know if
    and most saturdays leg (real busy work days)

    and 30 minute cardio daily sounds solid or
    and cardio 30 min those days, and hour on off days

    Which would u suggest to build lean mass and lose weight (just generally get healthy) and why

    ps...are flys considered a push or pull...i did them today with push

    ps no.2 i did 3 sets of 8 to 12 depending on excercise...would it be better for my goals to do less weight and 12 reps or lil heavier and do 8-10and do the 3 sets sound right

    thanks in advance

  2. OK...2 days into this i think 6lift daysis gonnabe too much..Thinking of going push-pull-legs-off then repeat...First 2 days have been pretty intense..maybe its more reps and less down time idk...i have been spent when done and couldnt even finish cardio so i was thinking doing 20-30 min cardio as a warm-up then lift and off days maybe hit cardio for hour...anyone agree or disagree

  3. you want to build lean mass AND lose weight? u cant do both. u gotta either bulk, cut, or recomp. tell us what u wanna do and we will help. or at least I will lol
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  4. well i beleive i have been doing so because i was so fat to start...ive lost 53lbs so far and have def gotten stronger....was 335and down to 283 and dropping

  5. well if you really are getting stronger while cutting, thats pretty rare. at least from my experiences. how many days a week would u like to workout. 6 days, at least for most, is a bit too much. most ppl do 3 to 5. i personally do 4. how long have u been on the push pull routine for?
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  6. i know its gonna stop soon but i just had so much extra weight too only 2 days into the push-pull...and i thought id be ambitous and do 6 but see now thats too much... thinking im gonna do push-pull-legs then off and repeat...does half hour cardio before lifting too much....maybe just 20min??

  7. if it was me, id do my cardio AFTER training, and warm up on the bike for 10 min before training
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  8. Ok, sounds like solid advice...looking over work schedule coming up and looks like ill be able to get to gym m-f and some sat....not many sundays im gonna try

    is one day of legs ok to two days push and pull or is this not advised...not for long term...just so i loose some more weight and then work out eveny


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