On vacation, need to modify.

  1. On vacation, need to modify.

    I'm on vacay for a week and the resort's gym sucks. Lots of pulley machines, some dumbbells. That's it. No barbells, squat rack, etc. Normally, my workout schedule looks like this:

    M -Squats, calf raises, hamstring curls
    T -bench, pull-ups, rows, etc.
    W -Cardio
    TH -Deads & crunches
    F -Shoulder press, chins, curls
    S -Cardio

    So obviously I'll have to modify. I'm not big on isolations or machines, but I'm in the middle of a Havoc cycle and I need to keep the tough workouts going. Today I did some bench and rows with the dumbbells and threw in some leg presses because it's my normal leg day and that's all they had. Any suggestions for filling out the rest of the week effectively?

  2. I would take the week off.

    You're on vacation, unless you are prepping for a competition, relax, eat well.

    Maybe a jog on the beach and some push ups if you want to do something.

    Get rested, chill out, and hit the gym twice as hard when you get home.

    My 2 cents

  3. Like I said, I'm in the middle of a Havoc cycle and don't want to waste it on a rest week. I'll figure it out.

  4. Oh sorry man, I totally missed that - must have been tired or not paying attention.

    Sorry I got nothing to offer - I work out at home with my barbell and free weights, so am not really familiar with machines.....

    Good luck with ur cycle, and have good vacation

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