My first (i made) routine

  1. My first (i made) routine

    Hi all,

    /ignore the strange title of the topic LOL

    i always had workout routine of the trainers at gym, but now a days most of them seems to be still in Uni and i don´t trust that, so i made this routine (but since i never did that, i want suggestions).

    My last workout routine hat too much volume (almost all exercises were 4x10), and maybe because of that i didnt had so much good gains.

    Anyway, here it is what i made:

    Chest - Shoulder:
    Bench Presses 3x8~12
    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 4x10
    Incline Flys 3x10
    (Should i add another chest workout here?)

    DB Press or Arnold Press 4x10
    DB Lateral Raise 3x8~10
    Bent Over DB Reverse Fly 3x10
    (I would like to train sometimes DB lying Rear Raise, do i replace Bent over?)

    Back - abs:
    Lat Pull Down 4x10
    Seated Cable Row (maybe one arm each) 3x8~10
    One Arm Dumbbell Row 3x10
    Deadlift 3x8
    -Abs still pending, i´m still wondering what to do
    (any tip here?)

    Leg Curl 4x8~10
    Leg Extension 4x10
    45 degree leg press 3x8
    Squat 3x8~10
    (which one can i replace to do DB Walking Lunge sometimes?)

    Calf Raise (smith machine) 4x12
    One leg calf raise (DB) 3x12
    (suggestions? my calf isnt the biggest thing ever)

    Biceps - Triceps:
    BB Curls 3x10~12
    Incline DB Curl 4x8
    Concentration Curl 3x10~12
    Cable Pushdowns 4x10~12
    Two Arm Seated DB Extension 3x10~12
    Lying Dumbbell Extension (or Dips) 4x10
    (Suggestions here? I really think my arms should be bigger)

    Since this is my first routine, i expect many mistakes

  2. 1st possible mistake assuming legs is done on a day following back without a day off inbetween, is you would be doing squats with a fatigued lower back, dont think this is a good idea.
    Besides that I would go for a 2day split not a 4 day split.
    Try again with your whole body split up into 2 workout days to be hit 2x per week.
    So for example
    mon Chest, shoulders, triceps
    wed Back, legs, biceps
    fri Chest, shoulders, triceps
    sat Back, legs, biceps
    2-3 exercises per muscle group, 2-3 sets per exercise each workout.

  3. Thanks! But actually i´m training Mon - Thu - Rest - Wed - Fri and i´m planing to continue training like that (i used to train 5 days/week, it was pretty good actually but now i´m testing myself training 4 days only to see if it is better)
    So i would have 1 day resting between back and legs. Is this enough to rest?

    I never tried to train just 2 days split 2x per week, this can be interesting too, would that be "better" than 4 days split (2 on, 1 off, 2 on - weekend off) to build mass? (or maybe this choices are more personal, both would build mass)

  4. Hitting each muscle group 2x a week would be better than once a week. 1 day off should be okay they do it on some routines but if you could put lower back in with legs at the end of the workout that would make more sense, and squats should be done before other leg exercises.

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