help sub001 reach 30 wide grip pull ups

  1. help sub001 reach 30 wide grip pull ups

    Even while recomping and moving into a cut my back has exploded with a hardcore introduction of pull up and chin up based workouts. I can usually only do 10-20 in a clip (20 on a good day feeling fresh) but I want the magic number 30. Just a personal goal for now. Anyone have any good workouts that will improve my rep count? I need to start doing weighted ones I guess. Nobody at my gym does any body weight exercises because they think they look cooler benching or doing full stack lat pull downs on the cable cage, so it's a personal satisfaction goal.

  2. do different grips to develop the muscle in different ways, also do some reps weighted and it will help alot. keep a journal or something and go up one pull up everyday. start at 15 then tomorrow do 16 and so on...
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  3. This really comes from doing them over time. Keep pushing harder and harder each time you do it, and in time, just like with push ups, you do more and more.

  4. A big problem of mine is all mental. If I first want say 10 reps I'll be so gung ho, then do 10 reps and get it...and stop there. Then getting past 10 is hard because in the back of my mind it's like "well I only told myself I had to do ten". I'll have a hellish back day in about 2-3 days and try weighted ones. I usually do wide grip pull ups, chins, and the various grips on the cage at my gym. Last week I used a box to step on and did negatives for like 20 minutes after I was burnt out to get a good hurtin' for the next day.

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