High Volume to Reduce Injury

  1. High Volume to Reduce Injury

    Ok so I have tendonitis and I like to lift heavy usually but I cannot anymore until my tendonitis goes away, so I am doing German high vol. training with 10X10 on all my major lifts, anyone else ever done this?

  2. Yep, didn't like it.

    Also don't think that it is a good replacement for lifting heavy if you have tendinitis. Sure the weight is a little less but the repetition goes through the roof. IMO I would choose a low volume program and use less weight but keep intensity up by working negatives, forced reps, and rest pausing DC style.

  3. I am working negatives along with this. I dont feel the tendinitis with this high volume but negatives on lat pulldowns hurt my arm so im sticking to that light for the long term

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