NEED HELP with the bench

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  1. Question NEED HELP with the bench

    Im new to this forum and ive been working out for 6 weeks and ive seen some amazing results that i only dreamed of...but my question is i want to get my bench up to 300 by the end of the year i have some phs to help me on my journey but i was wondering what is the best way to bench and how to do it to get stronger???like for example is 5 sets of 6 of heavey weights good?? plz help thank you (=


  2. Stay away from PH's!

  3. What are you benching now? How old are you? If you are under 21 then you need to just forget about PHs!

    You want a big heavy sets, low reps. If you have been lifting for 6 weeks and are considering taking PHs then you are setting yourself up for and injury. Just lift heavy for the next 6 months and let your body grow and get used to pushing big weight.

  4. im using the ph to get mass not strength...i no that if i lift heavey while on the ph i can injure my self, im going to lift the same weight im currently lifting now.i can only bench like 185 once lol but thats a big improvement then when i started .

  5. Quote Originally Posted by xxjoker122 View Post
    im going to lift the same weight im currently lifting now.

    Then there is no point, you need to strengthen your stabilizers and prepare your joints with more training before you can make proper use of PHs.

  6. Your 1RM is 185 now, but you want to be at 300 within a couple months? I don't think that is going to happen :/

    You might be able to get it up a bit (50 lbs maybe more I would guess). Everyone is saying that they love the 5x5 routine, so that would probably be your best bet to raise your bench. If you don't wanna do the 5x5, then ya, just stick with high weight low reps and enough rest between sets.

    I still wouldn't do the PHs for a few months. It's all up to you ofcourse, but if you get screwed up right now, your bench isn't going to budge when you can't lift any weight :P

    EDIT: Read it wrong, you said the end of the year, not summer. Still though, that's 115 lbs in 6 months. Is your diet on track(eating a lot, clean)? Right now you're doing roughly your bodyweight, if your diet is good(eat craploads) and your training is strong, it should jump quite a bit.

  7. I got away from the bench for years. Just this past year I went back to it. After a full 12 months, 6 months of which doing 5x3 on all of my complex lifts ( bench, incline, decline, flat and incl db press, rev bench) was I able to get to what I considered heavy, doing my 5x3 bench with 295. It takes a long time, going up only 5lbs the next workout after hitting a honest 5,5,5 and not a 5,5,4 for example. My last max was 355. I'm not an expert or a great bencher, but my point is it takes a lot of time and patience. A wider grip helps, and positioning your toes on the floor as far back under your hips as you can while keeping your butt on the bench helped tons for me too. Personally, I think 1rm bench is crazy overrated and I hate when people ask me what my bench is. There are better indicators of overall strength.

  8. yes i got to a nutrionist once a week my diet is 100% clean i do every thing right i eat 2.5 grams of protien a day per body weight my diet is usally 60% protien and 40% carbs i drink nothing but water no alcholol i take multie vitamins and im currently finshing my prime stack i will be preloading milk thistle crannberry extract and hawthorne berry 2 weeks prior to me using halotest i have a post cycle planeed out. I work out 6 days a week for usally 2 hours a day i work out each muscle group once a week and i throw in squats and deadlifts once a week sometimes twice depending on how much energy i have.Im seeing amazing results in the past 6 weeks i will be posting before and after pics soon.

  9. also could u explain the 5x5 benching thoery whith more detail plz thanks for the help (=

  10. Quote Originally Posted by xxjoker122 View Post
    im using the ph to get mass not strength...i no that if i lift heavey while on the ph i can injure my self, im going to lift the same weight im currently lifting now.i can only bench like 185 once lol but thats a big improvement then when i started .
    Just go back to

    You said you want to improve your bench, then said you would take PH but lift the same weight because you want mass, not strength.

    Step back and use a couple brain cells and think about what you are saying. Even if you were 45y/o, using a PH after only lifting for 6 weeks is still STUPID.

  11. Unless you are total genetic freak, you are not going to be at 300lbs from 185lbs on your bench by the end of the year. I am serious, don't run a PH right now. You should easily be able to get in 225 range by the end of the year.....which is pretty good for your weight......300lbs is not easy and to get there you would need to be throwing 225 around like it is nothing......when I was benching 300lbs, I could rep out 225 like crazy, so set your sights on 225 and I promise that you will be happy with your "look" when you can bench will be obvious to people that you have gotten bigger.

    Low a lot between sets.....and slow gradual increases in out a 12 cycle (not that kind of cycle) for your bench......I used to use little plates where I could go up less than 5lbs per week.......but you should be able to move up 5lbs for the first part of your cycle......hope all that made sense

  12. im doing this because im trying to reach my dreams to be in the ufc.Hopefully i will start my amature fighting some time next spring ive been fighting since the age of 8 i have good potential.

  13. Make sure you get your healthy fats in there also. (fish oil, nuts, an embryo or two, etc...)

    2 hours a day seems pretty long especially if you are lifting heavy for low reps and doing one body part. Just make sure you have your rests not too long or too short.

    Good luck with everything

  14. this isnt my first time lifting.....i stoped for a while do to my hand breaking from fighting

  15. i usally throw in some raw eggs in my post workout shakes

  16. You said you were only working out for 6 weeks...

    What was your max bench before your hand went kablooey?

    EDIT: Just a note: if you use your PH right now and do mess something up (God forbid) permanently, it is going to kill your dream. IMHO, it won't be worth it.

  17. i said i started lifting 6 weeks ago, but it wasnt my first time lifting.

  18. my max bench before my hand broke was 205 many reps that was when i was in my prime, then i broke my hand in a fight on the boardwalk in seaside heights ( jersey shore )

  19. and there really isnt anyway i could really mess my self up im not going to injure my self because im not going to lift heavy. unless your talking about my internal organs?

  20. The whole point of PHs is to lift heavy and grow. You aren't going to get size or power if you are lifting low the whole time, making your PH useless, which is another reason it would be best if you do what triton suggested up there ^^^^^^^^ and avoid the PH for now. You still have plenty of time/room to grow and such without using a PH. You aren't at a plateau, no injury stopping you. You just have to keep doing what you are doing since you are still growing.

    EDIT: And by injury, joints mainly.

  21. how long do you think i should waite.And do you think i should use fish oil for joints?

  22. I would def use fish oil. Remember all fat isn't bad. Natty PB is great for gaining (I used to mix it in choco shakes... tasted pretty good, but took some mixing to get it to not clump >_>)

    I would wait a couple months. Probably until you hit a plateau (should be awhile if you're only at 6 weeks after starting again).

    Here's some of the 5x5 stuff:

    5x5 calc:
    Other 5x5 infoz:

  23. thank you for you help shadow (=


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