First off thanks for reading my post! I have been working out for a little over a year and have noticed alot of difference in my left arm. I am predominantly right handed and do a physical job where most of my power and focus comes from my right arm. I can already hear the remarks of try using your left hand at nights, lol but seriously how do i incorporate training on my left arm to catch up in size and strength without slowing my right arm up? I have tried working only left arm during every workout but i think i was falling into overtraining. Any help or maybe a routine to jumpstart the growth on my left side would be greatly appreciated.

  2. You are missing the point. You don't "hold back" the right hand, you advance at the pace of the left hand. So if you can curl 50lb dbs 12 times with the right arm, but only 8 with the left, then do sets of 8 with it.

  3. Im sure your arms arent too disproportionate. You have to remember, your right arm has a lot more coordination than your left, making it easier to lift heavier weights. Your left arm may be near to the strength of your right, but because it is less coordinated per say, any weight movement will seem harder than the right arm.

  4. I am just now 16 weeks our from a full rupture of my left biceps tendon, so I know what you are dealing with. Not only am I right handed, but I have been trying to re-hab my left arm from this surgery. Here is the logic I have been following.

    Do NOT do any more weight or reps with my right arm than I can with my left.

    Do as many bar exercises as I can...this keeps the work-load even between my arms, as my hands are linked together through a common bar.

    When doing DB work, I even focus on making sure to keep exactly the same range of motion, and speed of contraction...everything has to be the same. If doing curls, I even bring the DB's up at the same time, instead of alternating.

    so far it has worked well for me...I am still lacking size on my left arm, but it is gaining fast.

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