need a new split

  1. need a new split

    My gym will not be open on Sundays anymore, so I figured its time to change things up.

    I have to do legs on Saturday due to my job. I did legs once on a work day and almost died haha

    So suggestions please

    Monday ~
    Tuesday ~
    Wednesday ~
    Thursday ~
    Friday ~
    Saturday ~ legs

    If it matters, I'm looking to build lean muscle.


  2. No ones going to make you a split, you have to make one up yourself then ask for it to be critiqued. Asking for a 6-day a week split for lean muscle is like bringing a kid into a candy store saying they can only get 1 thing.
    Experience? what styles are you familiar with?

  3. Fair enough...

    Monday - shoulders / triceps
    Tuesday - back / biceps
    Wednesday - off
    Thursday - chest
    Friday - ...not sure yet
    Saturday - legs

  4. God I love 'split' threads!

    The best split in the world goes like this (JK!):

    Mon:Chest, Triceps, Neck work
    Tues: Lats, Low & Mid Traps, Bi's, Forearm work
    Wed: Quads, Glutes, Calves
    Thurs: Shouders, Upper Traps
    Fri: Low Back, Hamstrings, Abs

    Rest, or just repeat. 5 days between groups feels optimal for me

  5. For a 6-day a week split, my contest split was:

    Mon: Chest, Shoulder, Traps, Triceps
    Tues: Low Back, Lats, Bicep, Forearm, Neck
    Wed: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
    Thur: Chest, Shoulder, Traps, Triceps
    Fri: Lats, Bicep, Forearm, Neck
    Sat: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
    Sun: Rest

  6. Thanks for the replies, dudes.


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