Workout routine for effective cutting and muscle rentention?

  1. Workout routine for effective cutting and muscle rentention?

    I've been bulking for about 4 years now, I have gained around 65 pounds of mass. Today I want to shed some of that extra fat I have gained but I am insanely afraid of losing my precious gained muscle mass.

    I am a bit green in this cutting field, so I just wanted to hear if any of you have a great workout for maintaining mass yet incorporating enough cardio.

    The diet is in place, no need for you to comment on that =)

  2. Cutting up is all about diet, so make that your priority. If you saw success with your current routine while bulking, go ahead and keep doing something similar. The only thing I'd change would be to decrease total volume by a little since you'll be in a calorie deficit, but continue lifting heavy and intensely.

    Try to separate your cardio from lifting, if possible. For instance, you could do some HIIT cardio in the mornings then lift later on in the day. Also remember that cardio is mainly for keeping your metabolism boosted rather than just burning calories there on the spot. I do no more than 2 cardio sessions per week while cutting up. You don't even really have to do cardio to lose fat, though it obviously helps.

    But yeah, there's really no certain workout plan for what you're thinking. It's all about the dieting. Just keep your protein intake high and keep lifting heavy. Tweak your overall training volume; you don't want to overdo it, especially since you'll be in a calorie deficit.

    Investing in some BCAAs isn't a bad idea for cutting cycles either.

    You'll inevitably lose some muscle mass though; it's impossible to not lose some. But if you diet correctly (slow and steady), you won't lose much and you definitely won't lose anything you can't gain back.

    Good luck, bro.

  3. Thanks man, great post!

    I'll try to do as you suggest like only doing cardio 2 times a week and sticking with a classic split program.


  4. Yeah man. Just tweak your workout program according to how you feel (use your instincts a little). But if your diet is spot on, you should have no problems. Just keep lifting heavy, don't switch up to that 12-15 reps crap like a lot of people do (I know you won't, I'm just saying for anyone else who happens by this thread). I don't know where the whole 12-15 reps for toning came from, but it's a crock of **** if you're wanting to cut and keep as much muscle mass as possible.

  5. i was going to help out but Typo O Hero has it all covered lol. great post man. and good luck on cutting. follow his advice and you should do great



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