over training on my new 3 day?

  1. over training on my new 3 day?

    Whats up guys just looking for some feeback on my new 3 day split i just jumped into. was previously doing a 5 day.

    MWF- im doing

    Mon.-chest +tris consisting of:
    flat bench,incline db's, decline, flys,
    skull crushers, overhead press with db, and dips.

    Wednesday- back+bi's
    ez bar curls,hammers ect(flexible on bi's)

    Friday- Legs+shoulders
    squats,lunges,front squats
    arnold press,lateral raises,front raises ect.

    and if i am currently pulsing MDrol on MWF-fyi.

    critique? hows it look?


  2. We need to know how many sets, you might also wanna throw in some hamstring work and possibly direct calf work.

    I would replace front raises with DB rear delt rows on an inclined bench.

  3. that is alot of stuff in 3 days if i was you i would at least do 4 days with 3 off.

  4. Sets are typically 3-4, rep ranges from 7-10

    i realize its alot but you think i wont be able to grow and recover properly? and yes i forgot about the calves will prolly ad them with chest so i hit them 2x per week.

    im trying to nail this 3 day split down so i can reap the most benefits from my pulse.

    thanks for the input so far guys.

  5. Is this MWF due to some kind of work restrictions or anything? I personally prefer to do
    M- shoulders, tris
    Th-chest, bis
    A couple things, why is over head press with chest? unless your talking about overhead extensions. And you could lose the decline press, as flat bench works 3/4s of your chest.
    Recommendations- give legs a day of their own, swap up what you do your bi and tri workout with as you'll see more results, lose the decline bench and stick with incline and flat, try and alternate between BB and DB for your flat and incline bench.
    just my .02cents

  6. thanks, and yes i mean over head extensions for tri's.

    im switching from a 5 day and am just trying to nail down a solid 3 day.

  7. Will drop decline, and yes I usually alternate db with bb also

  8. Quote Originally Posted by iballmike24 View Post
    Will drop decline, and yes I usually alternate db with bb also
    your lower pecs get worked a lot from flat benching, doing dips/weighted dips will be more then sufficient enough for lower chest

  9. If your trying to gain strength don't alternate between DB and BB. Stick to your program and just keep trying to add on some more weight to your lifts from week to week so you can see your gains. Once you have been doing the same thing for a while then switch it up. Like for chest day do your flat bench with BB and Incline with DB for a while. Then if you want to switch your routine up start with Incline on the BB and flat bench with the db. Don't switch every week.
    Anyways if you want to do a 3 day routine your going to have to settle for less exercises. This means less isolation and more compound movements.
    I would rethink that routine before doing it.

  10. could you give me an example? im sure there are thousands out there lol but ive never done a 3 day.

  11. I personally think it's not that bad what you originally posted. Maybe remove the declines on chest day and replace either squats or front squats with a hammy exercise. You aren't hitting the bodyparts more than once per week so I don't think you are really overdoing it, especially since you are taking mdrol. I say have at it and see how your body reacts to it. Dropping back from a 5 day to the 3 day will allow for more recovery so I think you will be fine. If you start to feel completely run down and ache all the time, then maybe drop a couple sets, but I say go for it. I switched to a 3 day last summer and like it a lot because less time in the gym. Just keep your lifting sessions to no more than 60 minutes tops and you will be fine.

  12. ^ that's what i was thinking also. i will see how i react to it. thanks for the reassurance lol.

  13. No problem. I think its hard to overtrain on a 3 day split unless you are doing a full body workout with a lot of exercises and sets each of those 3 days.

  14. Ditch front raises. The front delts get plenty of work without needing extra iso work.


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