please help!!!

  1. please help!!!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I've been lurking for a while, and love the forum. Haven't had much to say or ask really untill now.

    I'm a 31 year old mixed martial artist with about three years of lifting, and a VERY clean diet.

    In training, I was swept to the inside of my shin... and the kick broke my shin. I'm now in a full leg cast from knee to toes for the next eight weeks. The pain I can deal with the pain (in fact I finished the rest of training after the break), but the idea of not training for 2 months is KILLING me.

    I'm looking for ideas for training, anything that can be done on one leg. If the training can be done at home, thats a real bonus, as it's my right leg that's broken- and so I can't drive.

    Can cardio of any kind be performed? Should I still supplement? Seriously, any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced!


  2. i sorry to hear about your injury. if i was in a condition like yours i would invest in some DB's and or a bench. you can still work the upper body.

  3. get a wheelchair and do some fast laps around the block, thatll be good for cardio and your upper body.

  4. If you get a wheelchair you could do dips, and I'd do sit ups and push ups. For cardio doesnt seems like u couldnt do much of anything that would be helpful with one leg. But atleast keep your core in shape and damn maybe 2 months of doing that might be beneficial.

  5. Maybe invest in one of those perfect pullup things. The added weight of the cast would be good. I know those things aren't always light.



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