Shoulder problem

  1. Shoulder problem

    Along with my bulking fase I've come to a problem: to damn big traps to my shoulder's thickness, and to help this the lack of thickness that I've in my shoulders is mainly in the lateral and posterior heads. This happens in such a way that one of the personal trainers that work in my gym once asked me if I've ever done a shoulder surgery due to the fact that this diference is so pronounced that my front deltoid is twice the size of the other two heads.
    What kind of exercises can I do to overcome this dificulty? Because most of the ones I know envolve either traps or front deltoid in its execution.
    I'm doing these 4 exercises:
    -lateral raise in machine (3x10)
    -upright rows with wide grip (3x10)
    -dumbell flys (I don't know how do you say it in english, it's the same as flys for the pec's but done with your front down) (3x10)
    -and cable pulls (3x10)
    Hope you can help me

  2. Try to focus on keeping your form strict during your exercises. If you find your shoulders are shrugging during the movement, then you are cheating your delts out of the full weight.

    Here is an example of a good isolation exercise:
    [ame=""]YouTube- Lean Away Laterals[/ame]

    Personally, I don't like his form, mainly how he swings the weights. I prefer to do it in a slow and controlled motion with a pause at the top.

  3. try face pulls and band pull aparts for posterior delts. and for lateral delts try switching from a machine to dumbells for raises and from a wide grip to a narrower grip for high pulls. making little changes like that could be all you need. also, a change in reps might be something to try, do a few weeks with lighter weight and higher reps to see if that helps and if it don't then try a few weeks with higher weight and lower reps.

  4. I'm trying what you've said. I also added one compound exercise to keep adding mass to the shoulders. I'm doing like this:
    -Behind the neck shoulder press (3x12)
    -Upright rows with wide grip (3x12)
    -Lateral raises with dumbells (3x12)
    -Dumbel Flys (3x12)
    Of course I'm using lighter weights since I've increased reps, so let's see what happen this next weeks
    Btw, I've changed my training program in general, so I don't know if it could have some influence in my shoulder's development.

  5. Face pulls 3 x 12 Lateral Raise 3 x 10-12 varying with cable and DB.. do rotator cuff work and stretch b4 u lift. Switch your bench form squeeze ur shoulder blades tuck ur elbows... drop all shoulder work besides heavy bench face pulls and lateral raise and you can also do dumbell seated cleans.



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