day 1 triceps day 2 chest

  1. day 1 triceps day 2 chest

    what do you think about working the triceps hard on day 1 then going on day 2 and doing incline, flat, or decline benches good or bad idea?

  2. bad. your tri's should be so badly toasted that your bench will drop by 30-40 pounds. then you'll be working tri's with DOMS, and you'll hit overtraining pretty quick. IMO at least. give it a shot - i could be wrong.

  3. I agree with Suncloud.

    I used to train tri's the day after chest, and I was never pleased with the results. When I started putting more time between the working chest, then tri's, my tri's beefed up.

  4. No chest after triceps or shoulders... And vice versa...

  5. I may be a weirdo, but nowadays I've been doing the following (as far as weight training):

    Day 1 Chest and Biceps
    Day 2 Legs and Shoulders
    Day 3 Triceps and Back

    Started doing this after another AM member recommended something similar... Doing this I don't feel like I overtrain anything however I'm not in the gym multiple times a day, just the one 45 mins to an hour session that I can manage.



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