looking for a bit of shoulder help

  1. looking for a bit of shoulder help

    basically, the whole of my body is coming a long so much. my aim is bulking and everywhere seams too be coming along other than my shoulders.

    when i ache my shoulders rarely ache

    i'm looking for a really good shoulder routine that will help me put bulk on with howmuch weight i should be lifting and reps
    im 6ft and weight 176kg roughly.

    muchly appreciated in advance.

  2. Dumbbell press, Upright rows, and really focus on finding some movements to develop your rear delts like bent-over raises.

  3. Just make sure your targeting all around, as he mentioned DB press, Upright rows make sure your doing shrugs as that works close to shoulder. Lonewolf basically said it well enough. But a few others are

    Military Press
    Behind Neck Press ( i personally dont do but have seen people do.)
    Arnold Press


  4. shoulder press 8,6,4,2
    arnold press 8,6,4,2
    upright rows 3 x 10
    rear delt flyes 3 x 15

    they will blow up

  5. seated dumbell press 4 to 6 reps tempo= 401( 4 sec to lower weight no pause 1 to raise)
    seated barbell press 8 to 10 reps tempo =302
    then find a good machine and rep out 12 to 15 reps tempo = 201
    got it from poliquin he says 4 weeks then take a break put mass on my delts quick
    different rep ranges and tempos will hit different fibers
    I would do something for rrear delts afterwards i like seated row to neck with rope on low pulley some do rear delts with back but dont neglect em imbalance= injury
    good luck



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