Need Help with New Training Reg. -

Need Help with New Training Reg.

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    Need Help with New Training Reg.

    To briefly introduce myself I am an Exercise Sports Science major studying my undergrad at Texas Tech. I have been lifting for almost 4 years now and am NASM certified, served as a personal trainer at a couple different gyms as well as been an off-season trainer for my old High School. In the past I have had the lazy tendency of simply lifting almost all upper body around 5-6 times a week, not keeping up with my leg workouts. However I am tired of being at my plateau that I've been stuck at for almost 2 years now. (floating around 170lbs at 12-13% bf)

    I am wanting to do a new workout cycle that will give plenty of time for my body to regrow, to be rejuvenated and also to hit all parts of my body in proportion.


    This is something I came up with, definitely would like opinions to it. I think my body over the years of hitting upper body so hard for so long has hindered my bodies recovery ability as well as my immune system (been sick alot lately)

    Supplements I am taking: Omega 3's, Nightime Recovery Amino Acids, 100% Whey, Multivitamin.

    Any advice would be great, I am 5'9, weigh 168lbs as of this morning and have not had any gains in size/vascularity since aprox. 2 years ago. My weight back in early 07 was exactly 168lbs.

    I am also about to stack both BOSC's Magnadrol and Epi-Tren, with a Liver Support as well. Let me know if there is a preferred workout when on cycle as compared to off. Thanks

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    Not to be a prick, but you have those "credentials" and you don't know how to put together a program for yourself? I can see just being lazy about doing legs or flat out choosing not to do them. How do you help your clients?
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngandfree View Post
    Not to be a prick, but you have those "credentials" and you don't know how to put together a program for yourself? I can see just being lazy about doing legs or flat out choosing not to do them. How do you help your clients?
    that is an intresting point

    But to your question.
    Thats a similar spilt to what i'm using just put back and shoulders back to back, then core work.
    Your lack of growth isnt a split problem, it is a training problem or a diet problem. Dont get me wrong a bad split can be a problem, but I doubt it can cause you not to grow.

    And to your Epi-Tren cycle, there isn't a set workout, it depends your goal, but generally a 8-10 rep scheme lifting for size is generally what i've found. Do your research for that.
    But if there is anything you take from this post it is probably 2 things.
    1. figure out why your not growing with no hormonal help. If there isn't a problem in diet and training, then you might consider your cycle.
    2. Why in the world if you believe you might have a problem with your CNS and Immune system would you even consider cycling something? I'd get that Straighten out first.

    all just IMO

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    Can you post up your diet?
    Also maybe a more detailed layout of what exercises you do? Reps etc.

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