burnout good?

  1. burnout good?

    alot of time when i lift i will do heavy weight and then on my last set i will burnout for ex. on bench i might do 4by6 then ill do one set of 185 for as many good reps as i can....i also do this with other lifts is this good or overworking??

  2. IMO>GOOD.
    Burnouts are what Arnold the man lived by himself, especially on the biceps.
    They really get the pump going for you and make the muscles fill up.
    Overtraining is if you were to do 20 sets of burnouts
    Hope that helps.

    good luck.

  3. thanks man....i dont hurt and ive gotten stronger so i think im good i just wanted opinions

  4. anyone else??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by at1010 View Post
    anyone else??
    Good stuff IMHO. Using this technique while cutting can also give you strength gains while burning fat if you play your cards right.

  6. you guys think they are good for all workouts??

  7. i do them 20 reps for squat

  8. ok me to man

  9. Haha brothers I do them for everything BUT legs due to the increased amount of injury for ligaments and muscles on lower body exercises but whatever works for you I would go with (i.e. I think it is fine to do 15+ reps on machine leg exercises such as leg ext., leg curls, leg press, etc. I would just be careful on the compound movements brother.). With that being said just train safe and smart and you will be good to go! Goodluck!

  10. Simply put, yes. I would recommend a burnout for just about any workout. For larger muscle groups I like to do a low weight, warm-up set; 3 set of increasing heavy to heavier weight; and one of medium weight to failure (burnout). On smaller muscle groups (shoulders in particular), I burnout after just about every set. Usually because I like to increase weight and decrease reps and this makes it easier to burnout after every set once you find out what weight to use. I think pushing your muscles to their limits (in a safe, controlled manner) is the only was to really make muscle gains. However, I would NOT recommend this for legs, like juice said, this risk of injury is just too high. Also on squats, you could be risking a hernia and that's just unbearable to think about. Also you could kiss working out goodbye for the next 6-12 months.
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  11. 0.o legs are the only things i do burnouts for

    heavy squats to a single/triple/ or five depending how im feeling then a 20 rep burnout with front squats and some stretching


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