Can someone not roided handle blood and guts routine (H.I.T.)

  1. Can someone not roided handle blood and guts routine (H.I.T.)

    I've been on some Dorian yates **** and he has valid points. I've been lifting traditionally for a while now and I think it'd be a good switch up if my body can handle it and not overtrain. Cuz I'm wanting to add some pounds this winter hopefully 10 but we will see. Any info? Suggestions?

  2. I know very little about H.I.T. ( never tried it, but i did look into it a little after seeing it on here a couple of times) but I assure you, the human body can handle anything training wise, for the most part, if common sense, diet and rest are all in check. Go for it man! It might be just the shock your body needs. The "roids" and ph's just put the icing on the cake IMO. good luck

  3. Yea so far my body has been able to handle what I've thrown at it. My friend is always concerned about over training and I always remind him no two ppl are the same. I've down 3 day splits up to 6 day splits I'll look more into it. I got all my other things in check

  4. Eat well, LOTS of deep sleep with naps, great supps. and you'll be just fine. Good luck with it. HIT is great from time to time.

  5. Yea supps is the only thing I'm about to struggle with lol college, lack of jobs, yeaaa i'm living off of samples from the Europa I got bahahaha. But yea Dorian is just so beeffyyy, I'll let yall kno how it goes, cuz for me I've noticed that when I do go heavy is when I'm actually sore and if I'm not sore I feel it was a day of waste.

  6. I trained with hi.t for 6 weeks with a partner. It was a punishing experience. The key is to get rest! If you are using h.I.t correctly with the heavy negative work, forced reps with light weight after heavy work, rest pause with max weight you will be sore and tired as hell. That's why we kept it to a Mon, Wed, Friday schedule. After 6 weeks I was about 6lbs heavier with a much wider back. I do not always train this way because it effects my work during the day because I'm just too damn tired and hungry.


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