Trying to do DC with limited equipment....Aargh!!!

  1. Trying to do DC with limited equipment....Aargh!!!

    Yeah....there's no gym around here and all I got in the basement is....

    400 pounds of plates,
    a barbell,
    145 in DB's (so 72.5 in each hand-plates are olympic 2"hole, db weights are 1"),
    and a ghey workout station that you can do pulldowns, leg extensions and curls, and it has a PEC DECK. It has 100 pounds on it but I'm brave enough to add another 60 on top and so far the cables hold up.

    My bench has squat towers, and does a slight decline, and a decent incline.

    Now, in doing three different chest exercises per DC (just an example) I could do flys, and/or flat, incline, or decline barbell or dumbell presses. Would that be enough variation?

    Back I could do rows, pulldowns (but with lame low weights=160pds) or pull ups, or 400 pound deadlifts

    And thighs, pretty much squats or the leg extension is all I got.

    Now I'm right determined to try DC, as I did a test run with squats and bench presses and had such DOMS for a few days after I know it'll be good

    And my other problem is no lock-outs or partner, so when I know I'm gonna fail I hafta stop one rep short of pinning myself to the bench.

    So what do yall think....give it a try or would I be better off doing a different routine and wait for someone to put up a gym around here? I can get more weights and such, but I'm pretty much stuck with the equip I got.

    I'm just fishing for some good ideas and opinions....

    Thank you!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  2. nope....dc training is based on variety, intensity and moving massive weight. You will have none of these will not be able to actually train in a dc manner. yu may be training low volume three days a week but you wont be getting the full benefits. id suggest something else until you can get in a gym.

  3. Hmmm....I was also interested in Bill Star's 5x5....I gotta read up on it some more but I think I can do with that fairly easy.

    I'd rather do DC, tho, but if I can't do it right why bother?

    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. Yeap, mooch is right. You need a wide variety of equipment, because beyond the 3 movements you need, you also need the ability for other movements, in the case of plateaus, etc.

  5. on the other hand, this doesnt mean that you cant utilize rest-pause sets or static holds or widowmakers....these intensity principles can be utilized in any routine

  6. Any ideas how to add rest-pauses to the 5x5 in a smart kind of way?

    I also would like to do it within an hour or so.

    Thanks again!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!


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