Anyone sleep more after working out legs?

  1. Anyone sleep more after working out legs?

    I sleep about 7-8 hours, but the days after I do deads or squats I want to sleep 9-10 hours and sometimes still feel a little tired.

  2. Same here, did not want to get up at all in the morning today.

  3. Maybe sometimes if i wear myself the hell out i will, but usually im pretty regularly sleep deprived lol

  4. same here, i konw i def eat and sleep more when i lift legs

  5. that is a good leg day when u go home and pass out! haha yah man i feel like a train hit me when i wake up after squats.

  6. agreed, anytime i run before doing legs & dead lifts all my body wants is food and sleep

  7. Now that I think about it is true for me too. I usaully can only stay asleep for like 7 hours on any regular day and I feel good, but after a leg day I wake up after like 8 or 8.5 hours and I'm still tired. Weird...

  8. Same with me. I sleep like death all through the night after a good legs day. Even the next day Ill feel lethargic until the DOMs goes away.
    When i walk into work looking like theres a stick up my ass my co-workers pretty much know I just had a legs day....

  9. That always tells me how well i am doing in the gym! Nice work.

  10. Actually my legs hurt worse two days after.

  11. I've been wanting to ask this for a long time. Anyone else stay up later on squat days finding it harder to fall asleep? It's been very apparent the last few months that when I squat I end up staying up really late like 3-4 hours later than normal. I just keep eating but I cutoff carbs like every other day but I'm still wide awake. Sometimes I've stayed up all night because of it and it totally screws up my schedule. I still only sleep 8-9 hours though.


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