How long does it usually take legs to heal up?

  1. How long does it usually take legs to heal up?

    I hurt my legs from over training. I hurt my upper and lower back and even my right wrist from doing military presses with wrong form. I was wondering how long it usually takes those muscles to heal. I haven't worked out my legs since Saturday, but my quads and the area just above my knees are still just as sore as ever. I haven't worked out anything since Monday.

  2. Man for real, since you have been hitting it so often, give it until at least saturday. Even if they feel ok. From my personal experiences my legs take a good 5 days min to stop being sore., that doesn't mean they are healed thou. My routine is 8 days. Once injured, really injured, your training will take a big dive. Proper rest is vital.

  3. Yeah dude. Take it easy. I know your feeling. Starting out, anxious, etc. But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. If you overtrain, you're just gona get hurt, and in the end, lose out on working out, which is what you don't want. Hit body parts once a week, rest at least a day inbetween, get your nutrition to par, and most importantly, FORM, FORM, FORM. Don't worry about weight yet, till your form is perfect.
    There are many exercises that are not all about weight. For ex, did a killer quad workout today with weights that were super light. Yet, I could barely do 30lb leg extensions at the end!

    My Quad killer:
    1. Rear foot elevated Split-Squat (elevated leg on bench)...(4 sets) 95lbs - 10 reps ea. leg
    2. Front Squats - raised heels - (4sets) 95lbs - 10 reps
    3. Leg Press - (1 set) - 90lbs - 100 reps
    4. Step up 2 bench holding 25lb plate - 3 sets - 12 reps per leg
    5. Ski Squats (90deg leaning against wall)- 2 sets of 30 secs holding 10lb plate; 1 set 20 secs no weight
    6. Leg Xtensions - squeezing n holding at top - 2 sets - 30lbs(LOL)- 5 reps

  4. Somehow I hurt the front of my neck. I don't know how, unless the bar was too close during front squats.

  5. Could be. I let the bar rest on my upper chest, and then x-brace it with my arms. My legs are also close stance. And unlike regular back squats, I look straight out. On descent, I try to keep my back as straight as possible, not leaning forward. Form is key. I did 1 set with the bar only before I added weight.

  6. damn I jus did squats too! Killed me. I'm dieting and eating only 1000 ta 1500 cals a day. 1200 today. hr and a half squat routine. Like 7 or 8 sets of squats. built some raised heel boots for some spice lol. 4 sets of sissy squats then 4 sets leg curls and 4 sets light stiff leg deads. All to failure. Only went up ta 405 on sq but damn strengths down, jus repped it out, put my diet in weight loss forum. started slimextreme today. initally i love it. I finished squats and started escape from witch mtn lol and got on my eliptical for 30 min on program ten, hardcore lol. wide awake , alert and energetic. gotta get up at 345 am to be a work at 530 lol, hahaha, its 1145pm now. setup crane and take a nap maybe lol.

  7. hvylifter,
    In the same boat as you; cutting down. I also am on Slim Xtreme. lol I split my quads from hams, and no longer do them on the same day. After quads, I had no energy for hams. Now I can really hit both quads and hams hard!

  8. Hell I might have to take another week off. My knee is still sore as hell and I feel like an old man when I try to walk

  9. Sounds good ta me. I rest a bit, tired, but I still clock out what I feel I could do fresh. at least close.

  10. Workout recovery and "healing" from an injury are 2 different things.

    It sounds like you might be new to lifting and are just a bit sore. So, your workout recovery time should improve with continuing your routine. Your technique will improve as well. Lift with your mind not your ego when choosing weights.

    Most of us set up our splits so that we have time to rest muscles while working others. Learn primary and secondary movers with some googling and you'll have an idea of how to strategize.

    Hope that gives you some insight


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