Working On training Spilt, Ideas?

  1. Working On training Spilt, Ideas?

    I'm sure there is a million ways to make up a spilt. But I'm starting to realize my inabilty to grow may be due to lack of rest. So i'm back to to the drawing board.
    Heres what i've come up with, spilt wise anyway. Its based around game days (i play baseball competivily)


    game day-- stretch and core




    Throwing/batting pratice/core/stretch

    DH game day

    Anyone have comments on this? too basic? to many days straight?
    Note: training before game day doesn't bother me too much

  2. I'm a volume junky so I dont see anything wrong with lifting three days staright but if I were you I would switch the shoulders and back day. Also i like to do BI's with shoulders because Backs a bigger muscle group and its one of my weak points.

    I follow a similar four day split with the change mentioned above, If a body part is too soar for one of your games or practice you can just switch up the order of your split. Hope this helped.

  3. Future
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    In season I would just lift to maintain so a few days a week should suffice. Hard to make gains when in season. And be careful with those shoulders.

  4. I considered the things Future said but I still think it is possible to make decent games while playing competitive baseball, given it will be harder. When I played football I could only hope to keep all my mass but during lacrosse season, even with all the running, I was able to put on weight as long as I ate enough.
  5. Future
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    Most athletes I train or have trained understand that its a pivotal time in season where the focus is on their respective sport and avoiding outside injury.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    Most athletes I train or have trained understand that its a pivotal time in season where the focus is on their respective sport and avoiding outside injury.
    yeah now i understand your point, they train for the sport, why risk injury and performace. I was assuming that training was his number one priority.

  7. it's too hard to gain in season with baseball. you may get a little but not much. don't go heavy with chest or shoulder exercises.

  8. I guess competetivly was the wrong word to use. The season I need to be ready for is fall and spring, ill be playing everyday which is when my training is very limited. Right now, though i'm playing, its not as serious as it would be, though its not your sunday mouring softball game. So really my off season is summer and winter, ironically.
    So summer is when i prepare for fall and winter for spring.
    on 2 days could it be smart or not worth doing 2 workouts, one day a short crossfit style workout in the early am then regular lifitng early afternoon, and then a high rep barbell complex the other day with lifitng afterwords?


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