Top 10 Reasons Why You Train Like a Panzy….

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  1. i leave the phone in the car, it's my time to get away from the world and release some stress, the only time the phone comes is when i gotta pick up little bro or something to that extent

  2. I am on call for work so one out of every four weeks i have to have it. I talk in the locker room though when it rings. As far as not talking when i am lifting or not taking it seriously, i bull**** from the minute i walk in the gym, to the minute i leave. the only exception is when one of us is lifting or getting psyched. I can get myself prepared to lift in a very short time, especially without gear on.

  3. I need to re-read this everyday.
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  4. if you need to text when you work out thats sad. I consider the gym a place i go to bust my ass and get big not talk to the gf. She can wait


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