Top 10 Reasons Why You Train Like a Panzy….

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  1. Geeez most reps I've ever gotten from 1 post ever. And I didnt even write it! I'll tell Zach you guys thank him.
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  2. do u think it is acceptable that u lift, while texting and emailing and on a phone call with the ipod pumping while typing in the anabolicminds forum, and having a coversation with ur gym mate, while drinking BCAA.....i am exhausted just typing

  3. Love it,.. good posting Royd!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  4. OOOoooohhhhh, "FINISHED".

  5. I text in between lifts. I try to keep a good balance of working out and talking to women/ lookin at the clock, usually no more than a min rest. Minute and a half maybe

  6. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by brownstown89 View Post
    is it ok too talk b4 u lift? i do that alot while gettin changed and stetching but after its all buisness
    No. Talking is catabolic and increases estrogen. Real men only grunt.

  7. I work on my novel in between sets on my blackberry. That way everyone sees that I'm writing in public and I know I can go home and read about it on AM. Then I pick up my 100 lb dbs and continue my incline press. :-)

  8. I have an iphone and nothing pisses me off more than when i get a text at the gym because i have to check it or itll keep alerting me. God damn smartphone, trying to ruin my workout. Its straight though, I just press the button and keep going, the only thing i wanna hear when I lift is some Slayer, and the sound of weights hitting the floor/rack/eachother.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Gator 87 View Post
    No. Talking is catabolic and increases estrogen. Real men only grunt.

  10. God bless the truth! Death metal really ramps me up!

    LIGHTWEIGHT!!! haha

  11. i leave the phone in the car, it's my time to get away from the world and release some stress, the only time the phone comes is when i gotta pick up little bro or something to that extent

  12. I am on call for work so one out of every four weeks i have to have it. I talk in the locker room though when it rings. As far as not talking when i am lifting or not taking it seriously, i bull**** from the minute i walk in the gym, to the minute i leave. the only exception is when one of us is lifting or getting psyched. I can get myself prepared to lift in a very short time, especially without gear on.

  13. I need to re-read this everyday.
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  14. if you need to text when you work out thats sad. I consider the gym a place i go to bust my ass and get big not talk to the gf. She can wait


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