Is it bad to drink the day before you lift

  1. Is it bad to drink the day before you lift

    have had about 3 shots and 7 beers now would it be bad to lift tomorrow?

  2. Well, I'm going to say "NO", it isn't bad. It'll be good for you to lift tomorrow to help get those toxins out of your system. Just keep in mind that it probably won't be your best lift day ever due to dehydration, lack of nutrition, fatigue, etc.,

    I always hated hitting the gym after a night of drinking. I puked half of the time because I forced my body to perform as if it was in its best condition.

    You do what you you've got to do... Just know that if you plan on progressing in whatever fitness goals you have (mass, strength, endurance) getting drunk is NOT going to get you there Unless you get some tail that night, that can be justified as a workout in it self LOL

  3. You will be a bit dehydrated. Groggy maybe. Unresponsive, duno. When I used to drink, I never got hangovers, I would just wake up and go (I also down 1 full bottle of water at night when I drink). Not so sure its the same with me getting creaky at the ripe old age of 22

    You will make alot less progress I think. But sweating it out, and at least doing something, if your diet was good all day, will help out and sustain.

  4. Yeah, as has been previoulsy said, it shouldn't matter, the one thing to keep in mind though - at least what I've read - is if you drink after working out, you've basically erased (the majority) of your gym time if you have a big drink night.

  5. lifting is always good drinking is always bad

  6. Alcohol + Lifting = Bad

  7. Your not setting yourself up for an "A game" day. But if your not hungover at all, dont feel to tired and drank lots of water sure go lift.

  8. it might effect ur gain, but not dave tate says i dont give a sh1t bout science lol..

    my strength coach always said if u puke from drinking it will make u weaker the next workout... and we bet $50 that i would bet my PR from a week ago the day after i passed out drunk and i won!...

    it dont effect ur streength u might feel smaller or look smaller tho. jjust make sure u get 2 propels in ur system b4 lifting.

  9. Meh if you do it all the time or in the heat then workout sure...but I have had some pretty wicked workouts having had a six pack or so. 10 drinks is peanuts anyway. Interesting fact my grandpa was a Danish weightlifting champ and drank beer and ate brewers yeast as his pre and post workout meals lol. When you keep drinking and stop working out then its a problem lol.

  10. I agree, as long as you get a big meal and give it time to digest, while drinking water... I always have no problem, its when people get lazy hung over and dont eat at all that causes problems.

  11. I always have a 6 pack of sparks pre-workout on chest day. My max has increased each week for the last 10 weeks.

  12. if 1,its your first time drinking in awhile 2 you didnt consume a ridiculous amount of alcohol and 3 youre not tired the next day i would go so far as to think it wouldnt hinder you noticeably at all. But then again if you havnt drank in awhile i would think even a little bit would make you tired the next day. Alcohol isnt bad in small amounts.

    I think i remember reading that B vits are sucked out by alcohol consumption and either taking a multi or specifically taking a multi-b would be a good idea

  13. any drinking while trying to get gains is bad IMO. It may not hinder you much but any digression instead of progression is bad. Alcohol interferes with protein synthesis.
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  14. I would make myself puke if I knew I really wanted to lift the next day. haha, just have fun then get it out. Sounds a bit bulimic, but That what i would do. I try not to really drink anymore. lifting got me out of a bad way!

  15. yep all depends on how u feel, and the hours of your gym, if u wake up and feel like crap, go back to sleep, you might feel better later on in the day and then go, i know some guy who gets waisted but still gets to the gym around 5 or 6 on the weekends when he starts to feel better


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