Couple questions regarding usage of protein and the doing of two routines

  1. Couple questions regarding usage of protein and the doing of two routines

    I just read somewhere that if you don't eat protein after a lifting session then your body will use your body fat(if you're a fat guy, or your existing muscle(if you're lean) to repair your torn muscle from lifting.

    I'm a fat guy, 230 pounds and I take protein after each session. Should I stop taking protein after I eat? Does it really eat away at the fat if I don't have enough protein intake? MY goal is to get strong and also to lose fat around my stomach. I've been making some good gains lately. My chest, shoulders, back and legs are amazingly big now, but I still have a huge stomach. I do do my cardio. About 20-30 minutes a day and I watch what I eat to a certain extent.

    Should I stop eating protein powder so that my my body will eat away at the fat? Is this even true?

    Second question is: Is it possible to do two types of routines at the same time? I read that you can do one routine to build mass and another to build pure strength. Right now I've been doing a half assed job at doing both. Exercises like bench/squat/dead lift I do 5x5. Then I would wander off into machines/dumbbell areas and start to do random exercises such as curls, pull downs etc.

    Would it be beneficial to follow both routines? Is it even possible?

  2. First off you need protein to build muscle very simply i have never heard if you dont have it you will burn fat if you do its miniscul. Id stick to post workout shakes.

    Second it is possible to do two types of routines i often do the big 3 squats deads and bench for like 5x5 or 5x6 then do isolation exercises 3x12 or 3x10 as for randomness i like to have a plan to workout like back one day chest another etc that way you dont stray away from a target muscle and tire a different muscle that you would do say tommorow make sense?

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