How to go about asking for a partner for donkey calf raises?

  1. How to go about asking for a partner for donkey calf raises?

    Heres the deal. My gym doesn't have any donkey calf raise machines available so I am going to have to get a partner to help me out. The thing is I don't know anyone. Would it be gay to ask some random guy at the gym to help with donkey calf raises? I would need him to sit on my back while I do the calf raises.

    My main concern is to not look gay. This exercise is totally gay to do, but it works wonders for the calves.

    What type of guys should I ask to sit on my back? I've thought about asking the body builder types because they probably understand the importance of this exercise for calves and are probably gay themselves so they won't mind as much. Maybe I can ask the gym staff that work there. I need someone heavy, about 200+ lbs.

    Any suggestions? Of course I would be glad to return the favor if my partner wanted to get some reps in himself.


  2. Do what you gotta do. As long as balls are not touching of course.

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  3. Get one heavy chick or two small ones, same effect.

  4. lol, are you sure your not gay mate?
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  5. Honestly you work the muscle the same way if your doing calf raises on a leg press but if you want an alternative to a true donkey calf just load up a dipping belt and preform the movement. If your dead set on doing a donkey calf with a partner I would at least have the common courtesy to buy them a few drinks before and the juice bar to get them loosened up....
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  6. if ur that worried bout donkey calf raises join another gym and yeaa thats super gay

  7. do leg day at curves :P
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  8. Is this a serious question?

  9. ya i saw a guy at my gym doing them with a super hot chick and he still looked like a huge douche bag. although i cant say i wasnt sort of jealous though.


  11. Arnold did it, but im sure he plowed both of the chicks that was on his back. Asking another guy is the gayest thing ever though.

  12. Holy Sh*t.

  13. ummm, i think.....yep, that would be gay, no matter how you ask someone.....even if you bought them dinner afterwords.....still, ummmmm, gay

  14. just find a gym with a rainbow sticker on the front door, and i'm sure they'll do any act with the word "donkey" in it with you.

    good luck with that.

  15. so about a week later im still LOL at this thread ha GAY!

  16. ha ah not saying your gay but having someone do it is gonna look gay to everyone else watching probably


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