Training in the shower

  1. Training in the shower

    I don't know if anyone else has heard of this but it's when you take a shower in just regular warm water for the majority of your shower, this is supposed to open the pores in your skin, then for the last minute before you get out of the shower turn it on cold and it's supposed to make your heart beat faster almsot like you've been running a marathon- i've tried it a couple times but havn't gotten past 30 seconds
    has anyone else heard of this method?

  2. Yea it helps burn fat or some crap I heard awhile back but I don't do it.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  3. I thought that that was just for acne and muscle recovery

  4. I heard it was to help increase GH.
    I don't do it either.

  5. i train with the gf in the shower couple times a week.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by IamSOFAking View Post
    i train with the gf in the shower couple times a week.
    lol good one

  7. this is a little extreme come on lol. just do work in the gym, sometimes we tend to over think things.

  8. hahahahaha yah me too. lol dude if u feel its doin somethin than sure what the hell! sounds good to me im probably gunna try it now.

  9. I heard its good for circulation...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rabican View Post
    I heard its good for circulation...
    You do this after a sauna. It is great for circulation and improves recovery.

    15min sauna

    cold shower 30secs


  11. i dont know what the benefits are exactly... but i have tried it... i sat in the sauna for 15-20 minutes then jump into the "cool-cold" pool.... i didnt like it. it always made me feel sick to my stomach

  12. ive done this with the sauna to cold shower... it makes me feel like i am having a heart attack. its the worst feeling ever. like your entire body is contracting at once and everything inside of you.

  13. I do it alot.
    i love taking hot showers
    but then if its hot out or warm out coming out of a hot shower sucks
    so ill run the cold water for a little bit before i jump out
    i love it it feels great its refreashing
    and awakens you

  14. I do something similar... cause it helps with circulation and recovery. (At least for me) Being allergic to painkiller this is big if i pull / strain something

    Hot shower for 15 min, i mean HOT (again for me) to loosen the muscle, then colder for 1 min, then hot for 1 min, then cold again, etc until i feel better. this also helps me relax.


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