1. HELP

    Ok so i am 21 yrs old, i ve been working out for about a year and a half. i m
    5'7 when i started i was 127lbs went up to 144 than did a cycle of m-drol who pushed me up to 154. cycle ended about 6 weeks ago,was fine no side effects except agressivity. about 10 days ago my elbows are hurting me real bad when i workout. its like i have the muscle to lift but i cant cause i feel the bones in my elbows are getting crushed!!!

    Someone told me it was cause my bone frame doesnt allow me to carry more muscle. (i do have small bones). What do u think???? could it just be a lack of vitamins or something????


  2. Well first of all, you jumped the gun way too early on the mdrol cycle. At 5'7" 144, 21 years old, you have IMO at least 15-20 more pounds of natural potential before you need to dip into anabolics. As far as your elbow pain, I would first take a week off (I'm assuming you haven't taken time off since you started your cycle, correct me if I'm wrong), no sense in injuring yourself. There's plenty of supps out there for joint therapy. I stay away from certain exercises that kill my elbows, like skull crushers. Hope that helps.

  3. try stretching your forearms and triceps, chances are the pain is being caused by a lack of flexibility and tightness on your joints and tendons. Take a week off, stretch, get some supercissus if need be. Saying you have too much muscle on your frame is utterly ridiculous and is one of the dumbest things i've ever heard

  4. fish/flax oil at 5g or more per day or osteo-sport will help with that.

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