gym equipment that's not totally equipped?

  1. gym equipment that's not totally equipped?

    I joined the gym at my work because of it's convenience (just take an elevator down at the end of the work day and I'm there) and because being an employee at this company it's super cheap to join the building gym and gyms in the city are ridiculously expensive!!

    But this gym does not have a barbell.... it's got virtually everything else, weird right? How else can I do dead lifts? There is a smith machine that I bench, squat and do other things on - is there a way to use that for dead lifts? Sort of like a bootleg rack dead lift?!

  2. I've done rack deads in a smith before and it's not to bad. What's the DB selection like?

  3. I use db's for deadlifts sometimes, seems to work pretty well

  4. the DB's only go up to 80lbs!!!!

    Anything I can do with that?!

  5. i assume there are plates since you use the smith machine so id say maybe look into purchasing your own bar for the gym since 80lbs dumbbells will never equivocate to a good substitute to deadlifts...unless you deadlift 160lbs for sets, which i highly doubt at 185lbs

  6. talk to the management about getting some barbells in... or pay extra to go to a different gym. The choice is yours.
    SFW and GFH

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    talk to the management about getting some barbells in... or pay extra to go to a different gym. The choice is yours.
    I agree, a barbell is a must have. I can't believe your gym doesn't have one. You can't rely on a smith machine for every barbell lift if you are serious about weight training.

  8. I worked out at a gym like that once. They said they had to carry a higher level of insurance if they added a BB. My guess is that the same applies to this gym...they are just trying to save on the level of insurance needed.

  9. You can try DB Dead Rows. Start w/ the DB's setting on an aerobic step at about mid shin. It's just your normal deadlift form to the top of the movement, then on the way back down stop at the point where you would normally do barbell rows and row the DB's. After the rowing movement take the DB's back to the aerobic step and repeat. Make sure they come to complete stop each time they tough the aerobic step.

    But I also agree with the others that if you are serious about gaining size find another gym.

  10. smith rack pulls maybe?

  11. Join a real gym, where in Jersey are you?

  12. One-legged deadlifts: dumbbell in each hand, rear (non-exercised) leg on a bench behind you. The balance is not too bad. You do have to watch that you don't dominate the movement with your trunk rather than your working leg.

    Agreed that you really need a barbell, however.


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