Need advice on my workout please

  1. Need advice on my workout please

    Hi everyone

    I would like to know what you think of my workout, if there is anything i should change. my goal is to gain some mass especially back and shoulders

    Flat Bench Press - 10-8 Reps x3
    Incline Bench Press - 10,8 Reps x3
    Military Press - 10-8 Reps x3
    Lateral Raise - 10-8 Reps x3
    Tricep Rope Push Down - 10-8 Reps x3
    Close Grip Bench Press - 10-8 Reps x3

    Chin Up - 10-8 Reps x3
    Cable Row - 10-8 Reps x3
    Lat Pull Down - 10-8 Reps x3
    cable or barbell Curl - 10-8 Reps x3
    roman chair 10-8 Reps x3

    Front Squat - 10-8 Reps x3
    Leg Press - 10-8 Reps x3
    Leg Extension - 10-8 Reps x3
    Calf Raise - 12-10 Reps

    thank you

  2. Well imo, it sort of looks like you'd be overtraing your back, shoulders, and chest especially if you are training naturally. I'd split up those first two workouts keeping two compound lifts with one or more auxilary exercises. Also, having the military press and incline press on the same day will be rough on you're front delts. As for gaining mass, you should definately add deadlifts into an equation. Here's what what I think would be good:

    Workout 1a
    Flat Bench
    Incline Bench
    Lateral raises
    heavy tricep exercise

    Workout 2a
    Chin up
    light cable rows

    Workout 1b
    Close grip bench
    Military press
    lateral raises
    light tricep exercise

    Workout 2b
    Heavy bent-over rows
    lat pull downs
    roman chair

    Leg day looks o. If you are working out three times a week you could do workout the a's one week and do the workout b's the following week.

  3. for your back you defn need to change up
    Cable shrug
    Cable rows
    Bent Smith machine rows

    this 1xweek will blow your back up!

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