Going to recomp, help me choose my routine.

  1. Going to recomp, help me choose my routine.

    Basically going to be doing a recomp, with some "anabolic aid" in the near future. Was wondering which of these splits people think would give me the best results.

    Split A: Standard (feel free to suggest day swapping and muscle grouping changes)
    M:Chest/Bi (3-4 chest exercises, 2-3 bi)
    T:Legs (4-5 legs)
    R: Back/Tri (3-4 Back, 2-3 Tri)
    F: Delts/Traps/Forearms (3-4 Delt, 1 Trap, 1 Forearm)

    Split B: Power/Hypertrophy
    M: Heavy Upper (2 chest, 2 back, 2 delt, 1-2 bi/tri)
    T: Heavy Lower (2-3 Quad, 2-3 Ham, 1-2 Calves)
    W: Off
    R: Pull Hyper (3 Back, 2 bi, 1-2 rear delt)
    F: Push Hyper (2-3 chest, 2 tri, 1-2 front/side delt)
    S: Leg Hyper (2-3 quad, 2-3 ham, 1-2 calves)
    U: Off

    Split C: DC
    M: Chest/Shoulders/Tri 1
    T: Legs 1
    W: Off
    R: Back Wide/Back Thick/Bi 1
    F: CST 2
    S: Off
    U: Off


    M: Chest/Delt/Tri/Back Wide/Back Thick 1
    T: Bi/Forearm/Calves/Hams/Quads 1
    W: Off
    R: C/D/T/BW/BT 2
    F: Bi/F/C/H/Q 2
    S: Off
    U: Off

    Feel free to offer suggestions and tweak the order of the splits and what not. Really want to get this underway. Having trouble deciding on which to do...they all look so fun.

  2. i really like the HST for recomping.

  3. split b is my favorite split....it is gonna come down more to diet though for the whole recomp deal
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  4. Split B I agree what bolt says and hypertrophy is just what I like doing too.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Stallion83 View Post
    Split B I agree what bolt says and hypertrophy is just what I like doing too.
    Well I'm either going to be going with a straight clean diet, with practically the same menu everyday or I'll be carb cycling. I'm usually pretty good on diet if I have to be, so I'm not worried.

    The B split also seems to be the most tempting to me too. But some of my friends have been suggesting DC.

  6. anyone else?

  7. split b looks fun go for it bro!

  8. Split b for sure.

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